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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest fruit and nuts farming news and updates from South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Walnuts: a rising star in SA’s nut basket

Walnuts make up the smallest portion of South Africa’s nut cultivation, yet show much promise as a profitable crop that can be grown across a host of areas in the country. One of the first to take the leap, Rotondo Walnuts is paving the way for a robust future industry.

Award-winning apple farmer credits teamwork for his success

Stettyn Farm in the Western Cape recently won the Tru-Cape Award for the highest number of class-one pack-outs and income per hectare for apples. Hendrik Botha, the owner, shared his formula for success with Glenneis Kriel.

Advice from a successful organic raisin producer

Gawie Steyn, an organic raisin producer of the Orange River Valley, has proved that organic production can be commercially viable. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his production practices.

Learning through trial and error how to produce kiwifruit in SA

A sunrise industry in South Africa with potential to expand markets locally and abroad, kiwifruit offers good returns on a small piece of land. Malcolm Deacon, owner of Gold Tree Farms, cautions, however, that knowledge gaps abound, and until the industry matures, farmers will have to troubleshoot their way through production.

A growing market for SA’s world-class olive industry

The production and consumption of olives and olive oil are on the rise in South Africa. Magda du Toit spoke to farmers and other experts about the country’s burgeoning olive industry, and what is required to produce this Mediterranean fruit.

Two appealing new black-skinned plums from TopFruit

TopFruit is introducing two black-skinned plums with excellent eating quality and early harvest windows. Characterised by their black skin and red flesh, they have been carefully selected and developed to thrive in the Southern African climate.

Macadamia production: cost-cutting ideas to balance falling prices

South Africa’s relatively young macadamia industry has a long way to go to establish optimal farming practices and efficiencies. However, with nut prices falling, producers need to focus on cost savings that will balance inputs with output. Lindi Botha reports on key areas that macadamia farmers should be paying attention to.

Get to know dragon fruit

Dragon fruit production in South Africa is growing, thanks to increasing demand from Northern Hemisphere countries.

Fruit sector research: power-generating trees, solar nets, and more!

Soaring energy and labour costs have sparked research into new production practices in the fruit industry. Calla du Toit, procurement manager at Tru-Cape, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about these developments.

Surviving the troughs of the blueberry market

Three years ago, few would have foreseen that blueberry prices would plunge by more than 50%, forcing many investors to the brink of collapse. Berry farmer Luan Swart of Mpumalanga explained his strategies for weathering the storm to Lindi Botha.
avocado trees in limpopo

Avocado farmers prove the value of ridging

Limpopo farmers Kosie and Manie Eloff, faced with the need to re-establish their avocado orchards, decided to conduct a multiyear experiment comparing the yields of trees planted on ridged and level soil surfaces. They discussed their methods and results with Lindi Botha.

A guide to optimising blueberry production

Blueberries are a challenging crop to cultivate, as the plants don’t readily absorb key nutrients, and the berries can therefore vary in flavour, quality and size. With an increasingly picky market, farmers need to optimise plant nutrition to obtain a consistent crop that commands high prices. Lindi Botha spoke to Dr David Marks.