Prospective fish producers should consider all the hurdles that stand in the way of making a profit.
To produce quality ornamental fish, a breeder must establish a habitat that is as natural as possible, with food sources such micro-algae and insect larvae.
A severe drop in water temperature can kill tilapia fish stock in an aquaculture system, and a proper heating system is the only solution.

Breeding a million-dollar bird

Pigeon breeding and racing remains a popular pursuit, with some fanciers aiming for the ultimate goal of turning their hobby into a career. Sabrina Dean visited brothers Daniel and Justin...

Technology and animal welfare improve piggery profits

Pig stud breeder and farmer CP Kriek is convinced that contented pigs are more productive. For this reason, he has brought his operation, Taaibosch Piggery, in line with European standards...

Angular limb deformities in foals

Angular limb deformities can be treated in various ways, depending on the severity of the deformity, says Dr Mac.

Plough for more

Members of the Northern Cape agriculture sector and the wider community took part in a second protest this week in Hartswater, coordinated by Agri Northern Cape following the murder of...
Rainfall remained erratic in December, with some parts of South Africa continuing to experience below-average rainfall while others received more than 200% of the monthly average.
NWK will support an initiative by a group of producers from the Hoopstad region in the Free State, to collect and transport donations of maize.
State and private vets as well as animal health technicians (AHTS) face many challenges in their efforts to control brucellosis in South Africa.
Many factors influence the current forecasts for the South Africa maize crop and maize prices, and the current drought conditions, in especially North West and some parts of the Free...
Gugile Nkwinti, the Minister of the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), recently announced that farmers in the Western Cape would soon be allocated 90% of the water volume they...
South Africa’s municipal fresh produce markets connect those who grow our food with those who eat it, says Dr Justy Range, business development manager, Freshmark Systems. But there’s room for...
Producing popcorn is a highly specialised industry that differs from conventional maize production, says Johann Kriek, CEO of the Bigfoot Trading Company. Annelie Coleman reports.
Pinky Buthelezi never dreamt that leaving rural KwaZulu-Natal for Gauteng in 2000 would result in her receiving the ARC’s 2013 Gauteng Emerging Beef Farmer award. Mike Burgess visited her on...
The definition of successful production is changing. Where high output and farm profits were the main measures of farming success in the past, today what matters just as much is...
At the recent mohair producers' conference held in Port Elizabeth in early June, the buying houses, for once, were not the hot topic of debate. Gordon Wright was there and...
Dutch processing technology is being used to solve the problem of transporting perishable cassava roots over long distances in Africa.
A client in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, recently asked me for additions to an existing 6m-diameter thatched bedsit to accommodate a new farm manager and his family.
The annual sardine run is a major feature of the KZN coastline. Millions of migrating sardines, or pilchards as the West Coast calls them, migrate close inshore where people of...
You’re watching a sitcom in which everybody is enjoying a Chinese takeaway out of cartons. You wish you were eating the same food. Here’s what you do.
 Dear Jonno All the proposed additions to the communal lodges that you designed for us have been approved by the local authority and we’ll start building shortly. As you know,...
I recently received a call from Grant, who requested my help with renovations to an old farmhouse on his recently purchased game farm in the Camperdown area of KwaZulu-Natal.

Succulent beef fillet

The ingredient list is short and the procedure is straightforward. It’s a simple fact of good cooking: the better the ingredients the less you have to do to them.

How to manage your consultant

Your consultant might not be your employee, but if you’re expecting excellent results, you need to apply sound management skills to the relationship.

Farming without frontiers

Justin Stirk of Goodwoods Bonsmaras in the Eastern Cape is one of a group of Bonsmara breeders who present the annual Frontier Bonsmara sale in Grahamstown. Heather Dugmore talks to...

Horses and healthy hooves

Healthy, properly-shaped hooves are crucial to the overall condition of a horse, says Kim Dyson.
Some tips from Kim Dyson on how to stop your horse from munching on poles.

SAMDPR update

With the final of the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race coming up soon, Thomas Smit previews this hotly contested competition.
Your Future Dairy Training offers aspiring farmers hands-on and practical training.
Last week I discussed how to choose seedlings. Now I want to outline ways to manipulate seedlings for prevailing conditions.
Successful farming comes not only from hard work and attention to detail, but also through taking good advice, says DAFF’s female entrepreneur of the year Pam Fyfie. Lloyd Phillips spoke...
Numerous failings within South Africa's land reform programme, and the uncertainties this is causing, have resulted in no new investment taking place on existing litchi farms.
A recent study published by the Water Research Commission highlights the urgent need for identifying on-farm treatment options to help reduce the high levels of microbial contamination in irrigation waters,...
The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) recently announced the resignation of Marianne van der Laarse as its Southern Africa representative.
Reliability, performance and tradition in one unique lamp.
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