Prospective fish producers should consider all the hurdles that stand in the way of making a profit.
To produce quality ornamental fish, a breeder must establish a habitat that is as natural as possible, with food sources such micro-algae and insect larvae.
A severe drop in water temperature can kill tilapia fish stock in an aquaculture system, and a proper heating system is the only solution.

Breeding a million-dollar bird

Pigeon breeding and racing remains a popular pursuit, with some fanciers aiming for the ultimate goal of turning their hobby into a career. Sabrina Dean visited brothers Daniel and Justin...

Technology and animal welfare improve piggery profits

Pig stud breeder and farmer CP Kriek is convinced that contented pigs are more productive. For this reason, he has brought his operation, Taaibosch Piggery, in line with European standards...

Angular limb deformities in foals

Angular limb deformities can be treated in various ways, depending on the severity of the deformity, says Dr Mac.

Plough for more

The most recent quarterly labour force survey conducted by Stats SA shows that employment in agriculture increased by 8,8% over the past year.
An intervention by Grain SA meant that maize farmers saved R100 million on transport differential costs. This was according to Grain SA CEO Jannie de Villiers.
New allegations of animal neglect have emerged against a former national winner of a top agricultural award.
Figures from the FAO show that 870 million people suffer from chronic hunger and an estimated 171 million children under five years of age are chronically malnourished.
All classes at the Tompi Seleka College of Agriculture in Marble Hall, Limpopo have been suspended indefinitely, due to violent protests that have been taking place on the campus over...
Although international milk prices have soared recently, local prices have remained unchanged and would probably stay that way until the end of the year.
Biosecurity plays a vital role in ensuring maximum profitability for poultry farmers. Because of the high mortality rate in chickens, hygiene, stocking density and the immediate environment all need to...
With South Africa’s national power supply becoming increasingly unreliable, fruit farmer Kobus van der Westhuizen decided to install a hydro-electric plant on his Western Cape farm. This has greatly reduced...
Farmers Kabelo and Matshidiso Mooketsi had no previous agricultural knowledge before they began working on a communal farm in 2008. Despite a lack of experience and a difficult introduction to...
Ivan Cloete started farming with pigs in Blackheath near Cape Town seven years ago.
In Mauritius, the sugar industry co-generates a significant proportion of the country's electricity needs, using bagasse as feedstock.
Business expansion and community development are guiding principles in the Khourie family business. Bosparadys is a thriving dairy concern set to expand despite the tough economic environment dairy farmers operate...

Feta and broccoli lasagne

This is a huge blast of flavour created with little effort, and a regular hit in my household. Be sure not to skimp on the whisking action to ensure the...

Nice & Cosy

Jonno sketches a simple two-bedroom house situated on a far for Clive and his family.

More than meets the eye?

What has happened to the police force that is supposed to prevent and combat crime and protect the community, asks Abré J Steyn.
Roy's new home is on a farm surrounded by forests. To match the surroundings he wants a thatched roof. Read on to find out what design Jonno has come up...
Dear Jonno We would appreciate it if you would consider posting a suggested design for us in your next article. We would like to build a small home in Hillcrest in...
There are times, usually when the night is dark, the wind howling and the rain beating on the windows, when all you want out of life is a bowl of...
New Zealand may be thousands of kilometres away from South Africa, but the dairy industries of both countries share similar challenges. Will Henson, agronomist from Agriseeds New Zealand, visited KZN...

Ngunis on the mountain

East Cape Nguni Club chairperson Wimpie Mostert calves over 200 registered Nguni stud females in an environment that has truly tested the value of the breed’s adaptability and hardiness. Mike...
While some South African dairy farms can number more than a thousand cows in milk, the average dairy herd in Argentina is far smaller. But dairy farmers in Argentina share...

Keep your water clean

Beware of blue-green algae – this can kill your horses, warns Dr Mac.

Horses and eye problems

Any condition involving the eye is potentially serious and should be investigated as soon as possible, says Kim Dyson.
The H-word might cause sceptics to cringe, but changing grazing and other practices is working wonders on this KwaZulu-Natal beef farm.
Koos Mthimkulu, Grain SA's 2011 Developing Farmer of the Year, started off as a farm worker and is today a successful grain producer. He ascribes his achievement to hard work,...

IPM for cabbage aphids

When it comes to cabbage aphids and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), success will depend on the crop being grown, the season and other considerations.
The rapid changes that we witness every day in the world are well-documented, but I remain constantly intrigued by them.

Know your seedling needs

Vegetable seedlings vary quite a bit, so make sure you tell your seedling grower what you need.
"With onions, in the early stages, you need just enough nitrogen to keep the colour of the leaves right."

Nematodes: not all bad

It may surprise many farmers that not all nematodes (eelworms) are harmful to crops.
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