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Pro tips from a 100-tunnel cucumber farmer

Tunnel production may seem a relatively simple and profitable way to farm, but it involves high capital costs and has a narrow margin of error. Nico Laubscher Jnr spoke to...
Macadamia farm

Macadamias take Hazyview vegetable farmer to the next level

Through perseverance and applying strict business principles, Elias Pangane proved that farming could produce a viable income for him. The Hazyview vegetable and macadamia farmer spoke to Lindi Botha about...

New Harvest winner: from farmworker to farm owner

The 2018 Toyota South Africa New Harvest competition winner, Whernit Dirks, formerly worked as a general labourer on a farm in Piketberg. Today he farms wheat, barley, oats, rooibos and...
garlic crop

Growing garlic: a golden opportunity for SA farmers

South Africa imports most of the garlic sold in the country, but the local industry can thriveif farmers work together and produce good-quality crops. Jacques Terblanche of Graceland Garlic Seed...
Fall armyworm larvae can cause damage to maize

Researchers advance in fight to control fall armyworm

Fall armyworm has caused significant damage to croplands in South Africa since first detected in early 2017. However, Dr Annemie Erasmus, a senior researcher of entomology at the Agricultural Research...
A tub with in vitro plants

Tissue-cultured bananas: uniform and high-yielding

Establishing a healthy orchard starts with choosing the correct plant material. In South Africa’s only laboratory of its type, banana plants are cultivated from tissue culture to produce clones that...
Southern Cape wheat farmer shares his strategy for managing budgets and cash flow

Financial planning: crucial to sustainable production

To weather the impact of market fluctuations and extreme climatic conditions, producers have to think strategically about farming. Pieter de Jager spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his strategy.
Residues from harvested crops

Switching to no-till? Restore degraded soil first!

It is often assumed that implementing no-till production is the immediate next step towards restoring degraded soils. Not so, says Guy Thibaud, a veteran soil scientist with the KwaZulu-Natal Department...
Nematodes’ negative impact on African leafy vegetables

Nematodes’ negative impact on African leafy vegetables

Plant parasitic nematodes pose a serious threat to food security in Africa as they damage crops and hamper production. Dr Nancy Ntidi, a nematologist at the Agricultural Research Council, spoke...
Barley crop

Pioneering barley in the Swartland

The availability of improved varieties, mandate contracts and storage infrastructure promise to turn barley into a lucrative option in the Swartland. Gert Claassen, who five years ago started producing barley...
Cotton crop

Cotton can be more profitable than maize!

Cotton production in North West can be extremely lucrative, according to Arno Janse van Vuuren, manager of agricultural management at agribusiness NWK. A comprehensive survey by the company shows that...
How a small farmer became SA’s biggest pineapple producer

How a small farmer became SA’s biggest pineapple producer

A unique microclimate in the southern Eastern Cape has given rise to a niche cropping industry that requires intensive precision production over a five- to seven-year cycle. Sabrina Dean paid...


Taking rooftop farming to the next level in Paris

Taking rooftop farming to the next level in Paris

Paris’ flagship farming project is nearing completion, with the city preparing to become home to one of the world’s largest urban agricultural operations.

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