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raw water stored in dams

Tips for top-quality irrigation water for intensive cropping

Growers of irrigated crops need to have access to properly treated irrigation water. Mike Kruger, owner of Top Crop Nursery, explains how he uses flocculation and chlorination to maximise the...
regenerative agriculture tractor ploughing

Learning about regenerative agriculture

The implementation of regenerative agriculture principles is allowing a growing number of farmers to reduce their inputs while producing similar or even better yields than they would have produced if...
lettuce burnt rotting signs of calcium deficiency.

Solving calcium deficiency for better-quality crops

Calcium is a challenging and intricate element to manage in a crop, but if its levels are not balanced, the quality and shelf life of produce are compromised. Lindi Botha...
harvesting maize

How to achieve optimal maize production

Maize growers often have questions on to how to maximise their crop yield and the profitability of their enterprises. Grant Pringle, a product agronomist at Pannar Seed SA, gives expert,...

Novice tunnel farmer wins with hydroponics

Byron Booysen started farming only five years ago and now produces tomatoes and other crops in an undercover system on 1,9ha just outside Kraaifontein near Cape Town. Jeandré van der...
wheat fields

Expert tips to get the most from irrigated wheat

Irrigated wheat is grown by many South African grain farmers in rotation with summer grains such as maize and soya bean. André du Toit, a senior wheat breeder with Pannar...

High-tech solutions to manage weed resistance to herbicides

According to agronomy expert Leonard Oberholzer, weeds’ resistance to herbicides is expected to be one of the greatest threats to food production in years to come.

Pro tips from a 100-tunnel cucumber farmer

Tunnel production may seem a relatively simple and profitable way to farm, but it involves high capital costs and has a narrow margin of error. Nico Laubscher Jnr spoke to...
Macadamia farm

Macadamias take Hazyview vegetable farmer to the next level

Through perseverance and applying strict business principles, Elias Pangane proved that farming could produce a viable income for him. The Hazyview vegetable and macadamia farmer spoke to Lindi Botha about...

New Harvest winner: from farmworker to farm owner

The 2018 Toyota South Africa New Harvest competition winner, Whernit Dirks, formerly worked as a general labourer on a farm in Piketberg. Today he farms wheat, barley, oats, rooibos and...
garlic crop

Growing garlic: a golden opportunity for SA farmers

South Africa imports most of the garlic sold in the country, but the local industry can thriveif farmers work together and produce good-quality crops. Jacques Terblanche of Graceland Garlic Seed...
Fall armyworm larvae can cause damage to maize

Researchers advance in fight to control fall armyworm

Fall armyworm has caused significant damage to croplands in South Africa since first detected in early 2017. However, Dr Annemie Erasmus, a senior researcher of entomology at the Agricultural Research...


Agri-Sense International uses stereo-photogrammetry techniques

How super-detailed drone mapping is changing farming forever

To stay profitable in an increasingly tough environment, farmers must use their land and other resources to their maximum potential. The amazingly detailed imagery captured by unmanned aerial vehicles can...

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