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Vegetables Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest vegetable farming news and updates from South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Some physiological disorders of cabbages

Oedema, bursting cabbages, tip burn and cold damage may cause concern but they can be prevented and managed, writes Bill Kerr.

Be aware of cauliflower’s special requirements

Cauliflower is very sensitive to a boron deficiency, much more so than other cruciferous crops, writes Bill Kerr.

Before going into carrot production, read this

Carrot farming has changed considerably over the past 30 years, making it difficult for new entrants to get into the market, says Bill Kerr.

The critical element that determines cabbage yield

Farmers know that nitrogen is necessary for growing cabbages and other crops, but many do not fully understand its importance for maximising yields, writes Bill Kerr.

Achieving success with broccoli

Plant breeding has progressed to the point where one can now plant two or three varieties of broccoli over the year, says Bill Kerr.

Black rot: take care to prevent this destructive disease

Xanthomonas campestris can destroy a cabbage plant. It can also occur on dead organic matter under the proper conditions, warns Bill Kerr.
Cabbage farmer Koketso Baloyi Mofokeng

Born to farm: A vegetable farmer’s tale of perseverance

Koketso Baloyi Mofokeng started full-time farming in 2018 after encouragement from her husband, Katiso. Despite facing many challenges, the young photographer-turned-farmer remains passionate about the cabbage, green beans, peppers and...

Aphids: a potentially deadly threat to brassicas

Aphids suck the sap out of leaves, damaging them. They are also a vector of cauliflower mosaic virus, which causes yellow patches on the leaves and stunting. The message is...

A successful cabbage crop starts with good seedlings

Growing your own seedlings requires experience. Mistakes are inevitable and you’ll need to adjust your system accordingly, says Bill Kerr.

Swiss chard: seeds or seedlings?

Farmers can plant Swiss chard in one of two ways: direct seeding or seedling transplants. Bill Kerr explains the pros and cons of each approach, and advises how to get...

Cabbage: an ancient, nutritious crop more popular than ever

Cabbage, which is native to western Europe, has been cultivated for at least 3 000 years and is today a major crop worldwide, says Bill Kerr.

The importance of timing in your farming operation

You may know all that’s necessary about growing a crop, but if your timing is off, your profits will suffer severely, says Bill Kerr.