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African Bollworm moths

Save money on chemicals

Farmers often ask for pest control programmes for their crops. They see them as a form of insurance. Is this justified? In a word, no!
Nitrogen deficiency showing a pink discoloration,

Ammonia-based fertiliser explained

Nitrogen fertiliser comes in two formulations: ammonia-based and nitrate-based. To make the correct choice, you need to understand the difference.
red peppers

Pest management in peppers

Sweet peppers need adequate levels of potassium and nitrogen. Before planting, you should therefore have a soil analysis done and apply potassium accordingly.
knapsack sprayer

The knapsack sprayer: still useful!

Recent years have seen the introduction of ever-more advanced crop sprayers, many of which are air-assisted to improve penetration into foliage.
A notched stick used to push the sweet potato plant runners into the ridges.

A beginner’s guide to planting sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are so hardy and easy to grow that they could almost be classified as weeds! Even without optimal fertilisation and care, they produce reasonably well, unlike many other...
virus infected weeds and healthy weeds

How to reduce the risk of viruses in capsicums

Seed is a potential source of viruses in capsicums. However, it is a rare occurrence these days, as seed producers are keen to protect their reputations and take stringent precautions...
growing watermelon

Watermelon planting tips

Many watermelon growers plant as soon as possible in the season so they can market the crop early, when prices are high.
pumpkin fly maggot damage

Watch out for these common vegetable pests

Pests are an ongoing threat to vegetables, and need to be controlled effectively and timeously to prevent damage to the crop.
Growing Swiss chard

How to grow Swiss chard at home

Swiss chard can either be sown directly or transplanted. Both methods have their pros and cons.
Getting ready to plant cucurbits

Getting ready to plant cucurbits

Before planting a land to any of the cucurbits, you should kill off all broad-leaved weeds nearby, preferably well beforehand.
Lettuce in hydroponic floating raft

Adaptation key to vegetable farmer’s sustainable growth

Viking Farming near East London in the Eastern Cape is a small but intensive vegetable operation that supplies supermarkets and processors across the Eastern Cape and even the Western Cape....
No-till: increasing soil organic content

No-till: increasing soil organic content

With no-till farming, you need to try to gradually increase the organic content of the soil.


SA potato industry to have greater access to Mondial variety

SA potato industry to have greater access to Mondial variety

South Africa’s potato production industry is set to gain from a settlement agreement approved recently by the Competition Tribunal (CompTrib).

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