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A friend I met through our mutual interest in farming recently introduced me to the book Letters to a Young...
At a recent poultry production course hosted by the Agricultural Research Council and presented by Paulus Sape and July Mahlangu,...
Sunflower’s consistent yield and drought-tolerance make it an attractive crop for SA’s dryland regions. It also has a relatively long...
Initiative to end dog-to-human rabies by 2030

Initiative to end dog-to-human rabies by 2030

A collaboration of international partners is aiming to eradicate dog-mediated rabies in humans by 2030.
Malawian community to benefit from hammer mill donation

Malawian community to benefit from hammer mill donation

As part of the ‘My Hippo Story’ competition the manufacturers of Hippo Mills, ABC Hansen, asked Hippo hammer mill owners to share their stories of how Hippo had impacted their...
OIE warns of latest major animal health threats

OIE warns of latest major animal health threats

A statement issued by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), following its 86th general session in Paris recently, highlighted a number of the current major animal health threats around...

Precision breeding with extensively farmed Merinos

Stefan Erasmus, the 2017 Toyota/AgriSA Eastern Cape Young Farmer, has boosted his Merino weaning rate more than 30% by lambing in a closed system. Mike Burgess visited him near Middelburg...

‘Is my horse bay or brown in colour?’

Knowing the difference is important to breeders, as the genetics are not the same, although the colours may appear similar, says Dr Mac.

Theft ruining the hopes of aquaculture in Africa

Small-scale aquaculture will never succeed if producers are forced to finance heavy-security fencing for their ponds.

Why SA leads the world in effective lucerne hay grading

Lucerne is one of the most important hay crops in South Africa, but differences in quality can have a marked effect on livestock performance and profitability, especially in the dairy...

Dealing with pumpkin flies

Pumpkin flies, which are slightly larger than houseflies, are similar to the fruit flies so well-known to fruit farmers.

From fruit hawker to successful lemon exporter

Although Wayne Mansfield made useful connections in the fruit industry as a hawker, he knew little about farming.

Agricultural development’s education gap

Six years ago, Michelle Adelman, named Africa’s Most Influential Woman in the category for Business and Professional Services by CEO Global in 2017, started the boutique project development and impact...
100 years of John Deere tractors

100 years of John Deere tractors

One of the greatest success stories in the agricultural machinery industry started a century ago with the launch of the Waterloo Boy tractor in the US Midwest.
To be profitable, a dairy herd must be in good shape. It’s therefore crucial to be able to recognise a...
When rounding off cattle for slaughter, you can either grow and mix feed on the farm or buy ready-mixed feed....
A number of diseases and conditions can result in cattle and other ruminants being unable to stand up.
Manure can be used to produce biogas, electricity and fertiliser. In the process, you will recycle nutrients and increase profits...

Special focus

Nampo visitor numbers grow for sixth year running

Nampo visitor numbers grow for sixth year running

Organisers are celebrating yet another record-breaking event after visitor numbers to Nampo Harvest Day 2018 increased for the sixth consecutive year.

The danger of policy uncertainty

Policy certainty formed the root of successful land reform. This was according to Simba Makoni, who had been the minister of finance and economic development in former President Robert Mugabe...
Get ready for Nampo 2018

Nampo Park abuzz ahead of largest agri sector showcase

The organisers of Nampo, one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in South Africa, say the premises near Bothaville in the Free State are already a hive of activity as exhibitors...
Why plenty of food means plenty of conflict

Why plenty of food means plenty of conflict

A large body of literature claims that where there is a lack of food, conflict is bound to increase as people battle over limited resources. However, researcher Ore Koren suggests...
A cosy garden hideaway

A cosy garden hideaway

Avid Farmer's Weekly readers Bashi and his wife want to build a small, thatched rondavel in a quiet corner of their existing property.
Buffalo on the Luvuvhu River

Training the future guardians of our natural environment

EcoTraining, a South Africa-based company, has helped more than 11 000 people from around the world qualify as nature guides, and its graduates are sought after by the ecotourism industry....

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