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The Competition Commission has launched a market inquiry into the poultry industry value chain to determine whether there are any...

Global warming and heat stress in horses

The maximum daily temperatures are climbing globally, and stable management approaches may have to be changed, says Dr Mac.

Zimbabwe’s Tuli cattle make financial sense and are easy to farm

The Tuli is an iconic beef breed of Zimbabwe that will make any breeder proud, according to Kerry Stewart, Tuli stud breeder and chairperson of the Zimbabwe Tuli Breeders’ Society....

Following the herd to help reduce emissions

Identifying and including a low-methane trait in livestock breeding programmes could be the answer to the methane problem faced by animal farmers globally. But how conclusive is the research and...

Boost profit by using available genetic resources

Dr Japie van der Westhuizen, general manager of SA Stud Book, describes how to make use of animal genetic resources to select for sustainable profit in beef cattle from a...

The ARC’s farm assessment toolkit

The Agricultural Research Council’s Farm Assessment Toolkit has been developed to allow for the evaluation of a farm in a scientific manner, using the natural resource base of the farm...

Why this Durbanville dairy keeps on winning awards

Fair Cape Dairies won the ARC National Master Dairyman of the Year Award for the fourth time in 2022. Johannes Loubser spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the drivers of the...

Be aware of cauliflower’s special requirements

Cauliflower is very sensitive to a boron deficiency, much more so than other cruciferous crops, writes Bill Kerr.

Permaculture nurtures life into barren soil

Kathryn Eybers and Ross Dwyer have transformed a degraded ostrich farm into an economically viable, vibrant healthy ecosystem

Before going into carrot production, read this

Carrot farming has changed considerably over the past 30 years, making it difficult for new entrants to get into the market, says Bill Kerr.

The critical element that determines cabbage yield

Farmers know that nitrogen is necessary for growing cabbages and other crops, but many do not fully understand its importance for maximising yields, writes Bill Kerr.

The basics of cutworm management

While the presence of weeds strongly influences the pest status of cutworm, the influence of soil moisture on factors such as their biology and behaviour are often overlooked. Entomologist and...

Making the most of the Cripps Red

This year, Two-a-Day’s Stewart Murray Champagne Orchard Trophy went to a Cripps Red apple orchard at Dunmanway Farm. Owner James Downes spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his exceptional orchard.
Jarred Hodgson, a dog trainer, offers some good advice on how farmers can keep their best friends’ tails wagging while...
Knowing the efficacy, classification, dosage rates, active ingredients and withdrawal periods will help to better protect your valuable livestock, says...
In this article, Zunel van Eeden, a master’s student at North-West University, explains why integrated pest management provides short as...
The search for specific therapeutic effects is one of the most intriguing trends in cannabis genetics, writes Thomas Walker.

Can further growth be uncovered from SA’s agriculture sector?

South Africa’s agriculture industry could be propelled by the implementation of technological innovation and diversification, says Nomqhele Dube, analyst at strategic research, advisory and investment services company Birguid.
Farm shop design

Farm shop with food and entertainment

Jonno designs a farm shop that includes a shisa nyama/braai area; an entertainment hall/restaurant, a car wash and filling station.

Remote, rugged and unforgettable

A fly-in safari experience transports guests into one of the last great remaining wilderness areas, says Brian Berkman.

Espresso chocolate brownies

These delicious brownies can be enjoyed on their own, or with cream and ice cream. Make sure you make a double batch; your guests will be coming back for seconds,...

Easy vanilla panna cotta with white chocolate

While this panna cotta may look daunting, it is actually a very easy recipe that will impress friends and family, says Lorraine Steyl.

Lamb shank parcels

These lamb shank parcels are perfect for a Christmas dinner. They are not only delicious but they look the part too, says Lorraine Steyl.

Butter chicken with peaches

The star of this dish is the creamy and spicy sauce, says Lorraine Steyl.

Slow-roasted, juicy pork belly

Step aside, ham! This pork belly may very well earn its place at your future Christmas feasts, says Lorraine Steyl.