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Sunflower’s consistent yield and drought-tolerance make it an attractive crop for SA’s dryland regions. It also has a relatively long...
A number of diseases and conditions can result in cattle and other ruminants being unable to stand up.
To maximise pecan nut production, it is crucial to prepare the soil properly. To maximise pecan nut production, it is...

DNA testing ‘an essential tool for wildlife industry’

Genetics was a tool that should be used by the South African wildlife industry in the same way it was used in the livestock industry, according to Dr Munro Marx,...
Botswana contravening UN declaration on agricultural funding

Botswana contravening UN declaration on agricultural funding

Farmers in Botswana have expressed concern about that country’s government continuing to allocate low budgets to the agricultural sector.

Sheep adapt readily to a drone – US study

US researchers have found that sheep mostly ignore the presence of a drone after a time, allowing the technology to be used effectively on smaller farms.

The Gysie Britz story

With his passion and skill, Gysie Britz raised the bar in South African pigeon racing. Thomas Smit spoke to the champion fancier about his success.

Goat breeding: the challenges faced by smallholders

The market for slaughter and breeding goats in South Africa appears to be almost insatiable. With more than 60% of the local goat population in the hands of smallholder farmers,...

Happy pigs make for good business

With 9 600 sows, Chalala Farms near Malmesbury in the Swartland will soon produce more than 275 000 piglets per year. Jeff van Zyl, manager of the piggery, spoke to Glenneis...

Learning about cucurbits

Cucurbits are a group of plants belonging to the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae). They include pumpkins and squashes (Cucurbita spp), melons (Cucumis melo), cucumbers (C. sativus) and watermelons (Citrullus lanatus).

Eastern Cape farmers head west to diversify

Two ways of reducing farming risk are to grow a variety of crops and plant in different geographical areas. Several citrus farmers from the Eastern Cape and other provinces have...

Producing pulses: the benefits do outweigh the costs

Many SA farmers are unaware of the profitability and other benefits of pulses such as cowpea, groundnut and soya bean. As a result, these plants are neglected as crop alternatives,...
Small-herd stud farming is big business in Canada

Small-herd stud farming is big business in Canada

Small commercial beef producers and stud breeders make up a large and valuable part of Canada’s cattle value chain. While in Alberta, Gerhard Uys, who recently visited Farm Fair International,...
Smart Farming in South Africa

Smart Farming in South Africa

A South African farmer was amongst a number of producers selected by the German Agricultural Society to highlight the success that smart farming can achieve.
Manure can be used to produce biogas, electricity and fertiliser. In the process, you will recycle nutrients and increase profits...
Many novice farmers make the mistake of not starting off with the best possible animals in terms of genetics and...
Herd health should focus on prevention rather than cure. Chris Nel spoke to Piet Wolmarans about his practical, down-to-earth animal...
Jan Louis Venter, production advisor for the National Wool Growers’ Association, discusses how farmers can prevent wool and mohair clip...

Special focus

How to select a top-performing beef cow

How to select a top-performing beef cow

Breeding cows form the mainstay of the beef industry, according to animal scientist, Danie Bosman. Speaking at a Drakensberger information day in Potchefstroom, he said that the ideal breeding cow...
Sussex Bull

Beef cattle conformation basics

When performing a visual evaluation of the animal, note the following features in particular: frame size, muscle and body structure, and breed character.
How to effectively wean beef cattle calves

How to effectively wean beef cattle calves

The methods and time of weaning play a vital role in beef production by influencing the weaning weight of calves, as well as the condition of the cows.

Land: SA’s real watershed moment

Ever since the National Assembly voted to pass a revised motion brought by the EFF to launch a process to change the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation,...
Renovating a home for a farm manager

Renovating a home for a farm manager

A client in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, recently asked me for additions to an existing 6m-diameter thatched bedsit to accommodate a new farm manager and his family.
Mountain Zebra National Park, Eastern Cape

National parks for all seasons!

Experience South Africa’s national parks when they are at their best this coming year, says Taryn Arnott van Jaarsveld and René de Klerk.

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