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Rather than take away land currently being farmed by successful commercial farmers in South Africa, the Minister of Finance, Tito...
Most cattle sold through abattoirs are feedlotted. This article looks at the basics of feedlotting and how an operator can...
Willem, Jaco and Kolver Mulke produce onions on a large scale near Douglas on the border between the Free State...
Investigation into ‘illegal’ garlic imports

Investigation into ‘illegal’ garlic imports

An oversupply of garlic on local markets is currently dragging down the producer price.
Zimbabwe to compensate ‘land grab’ farmers

Zimbabwe to compensate ‘land grab’ farmers

Next year, Zimbabwe will pay US$53 million (R742 million) in compensation to white farmers whose farms were confiscated over the past 18 years and reallocated to black Zimbabweans.
New vaccine for infectious bronchitis in poultry

New vaccine for infectious bronchitis in poultry

A new vaccine is being tested by researchers at the University of Edinburgh and the Pirbright Institute in the UK for its efficacy in combating the infectious bronchitis virus in...

Indigenous species: let’s widen the net for aquaculture

A number of indigenous Southern African fish species would be ideal for aquaculture operations. It’s time for serious research into their potential.

For the love of Mohair

In an industry with a history of sustainability and ethics, one thing stands out more than anything else: love.

Treating nosebleeds in horses

Horses that suffer from pouring nosebleeds after exercise should be examined by a vet, says Dr Mac.

Beware of that foliar feed mixture!

Company representatives often bombard farmers with products claimed to increase yield at little cost.

Learning from apple growers in Poland

Poland is the largest producer of apples in the European Union. On a recent visit to the country, Annelie Coleman met Bartłomiej Brodzik from the Apple Factory, one of Poland’s...

Leafroll virus in vines can be beaten – here’s how

Leafroll virus is a serious threat to South Africa’s viticulture industry: it shortens the lifespan of vineyards and has a negative impact on wine quality.
The factory’s power supply is set up to allow for further expansion.

Small stone mill adds value to Western Cape wheat

Gideon Milling, a stone ground milling company in the Western Cape, was launched in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs to improve farmers’ profitability and food security. Aubrey Terblanche and...
Kuhn Assembly

A visit to Kuhn’s vast implement factory in France

Rovic Leers dealers and farmer customers were recently taken on a tour of Kuhn’s impressive factory in Severn, France.
Rest and nutrition are both key to ensuring conception, good health and maximum profit.
If branding is carried out poorly, it can lead to infection, muscle damage, and brands that are difficult to read....
Administering a vaccine to your animals will cost you money. But not vaccinating them will cost you much more.

Learn about beef BLUP basics

Producers use breeding values to determine the long-term value of certain animals to their herds.

Special focus


Good management: key to poultry farming success

Producing above the norm is attainable with well-managed hens, says poultry and mixed farming producer Erik Naudé.
how to become a poultry farmer

How to become a successful poultry farmer

The road to becoming a successful poultry farmer is littered with obstacles, but it is possible.
5 ways poultry producers can combat E. coli

5 ways poultry producers can combat E. coli

E. coli is potentially fatal to hens and can prove disastrous for a producer. Dr Bernie Beckman, a technical services director at poultry genetics company Hy-Line International, explained at a...
Sustainable use of wildlife: a poorly understood concept

Use them or lose them: Why hunting is key to conservation

South Africa is world-renowned for its biodiversity conservation and resultant variety of wildlife. However, public opinion is often divided on the subject of wildlife utilisation. Dr George Hughes, former chief...
Farm shop design

Farm shop with food and entertainment

Jonno designs a farm shop that includes a shisa nyama/braai area; an entertainment hall/restaurant, a car wash and filling station.
Game lodge

How to profit from a small hunting operation

Johann Erwee of Kuduwane Game Lodge provided Gerhard Uys with insights into what it takes to keep a small hunting operation economically sustainable, and its environment ecologically sound.

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