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Theron Swanepoel of AM Swanepoel Boerdery near Smithfield in the Free State began converting his extensive lambing operation into an...
In an attempt to curb the spread of the latest foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak, the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform...
Dragon fruit’s peculiar appearance and exotic name are enough to make anyone take a second look. But beyond novelty appeal,...
Another recession looming for South Africa

Another recession looming for South Africa

As South Africa’s GDP contracted yet again in the third quarter of the year, warnings have been sounded that another potential recession and job losses were looming.

‘Opportunity for SA to increase grain exports to Zimbabwe’

News that Zimbabwe’s government has significantly relaxed import and pricing controls on staple foodstuffs, is an opportunity for South Africa to increase exports of maize and wheat to its neighbour,...
Widespread protests against ‘farmer bashing’ in the EU

Widespread protests against ‘farmer bashing’ in the EU

In the latest incident in a string of protests across Europe during the past few weeks, farmers took to the streets of Paris, France on Wednesday and blocked the city’s...

Bringing more South African game meat to dinner tables

Game meat is an often-prized, but scarce, protein source. According to independent meat safety consultant Dr Tertius Bergh, systems for improving the safety standards of processing game meat could ensure...

Romagnolas add their weight to beef crossbreeding programmes

Neville Bradfield is one of 18 South African Romagnola stud breeders who have established themselves since the Italian breed’s arrival in Africa 25 years ago. Mike Burgess visited his farm...

The science of producing good silage

Leading Boran stud breeder Hurwitz Farming in Mpumalanga operates a number of enterprises, the latest of which is a silage contracting business. Pieter Dempsey interviewed Jarren Hurwitz to find out...

Try the new Polysulphate fertiliser

Polysulphate is a new multi-nutrient fertiliser that has been introduced to South Africa by ICL Fertilizers.

Ammonia-based fertiliser explained

Nitrogen fertiliser comes in two formulations: ammonia-based and nitrate-based. To make the correct choice, you need to understand the difference.

Labour-intensive coffee farm prospers in Hazyview climate

With the call to increase job opportunities in agriculture, many farmers have been left scratching their heads over the economic implications. But the Schroeders of Mpumalanga have found a winning...

Scaling up aquaponics

Investing in efficient systems that optimise the use of space and yield, while reducing cost, is one way in which Gauteng-based Ichthys Aquaponics is growing its business. Siyanda Sishuba visited...
Kubota L1361

Kubota South Africa launches new L1 Series

Kubota’s new L-series of compact tractors, with their simplified operation and smoother performance, enables a farmer to be more productive as well as more comfortable. The tractors also offer improved...
John Deere S780 combine harvester

A brief history of combines

This breed matures early, producing meat with a high ratio of lean meat to fat. This makes it an attractive...
Ngunis have excellent breeding potential, renowned resistance to tick-borne livestock diseases, and outstanding maternal ability. But feedlots often offer unattractive...
The Kalahari Red breed has a fine head, lob ears, round horns that are bent backwards, and tender meat.
In most developing countries, salmonella is a major cause of illness and death in children under the age of five,...

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Fungal diseases of lettuce

Fungal diseases of lettuce

The following fungal diseases are fairly common in lettuce.
What is lumpy-skin disease

What is lumpy-skin disease?

Lumpy-skin disease (LSD) is a viral disease of cattle typically characterised by nodules or lumps on the skin.
Dealing with diseases in goats

Dealing with diseases in goats

As livestock farming becomes more intensive, greater health problems will inevitably occur, increasing animal health costs on farms, warns Johan Steyn from Boer Goats SA.

Agri commodity prices: what to expect over the next 10 years

The Agricultural Outlook 2019-2028, published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, provides a 10-year prospect for agricultural markets at the national,...
Farm shop design

Farm shop with food and entertainment

Jonno designs a farm shop that includes a shisa nyama/braai area; an entertainment hall/restaurant, a car wash and filling station.
self-catering accommodation

How a Klein Karoo wine and fruit farm became a tourist mecca

Instead of competing with the giant wine brands, Jacques and Saretha Conradie take advantage of the location of Vogelsang farm to put their wines and estate on the map.

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