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The Barui-Driehoek Co-op was the ARC’s 2017 National Small-Scale Commercial Livestock Producer of the Year. Annelie Coleman visited the owners,...
“Strategically located land will be released to address human settlement needs in urban and peri-urban areas,” South African President Cyril...
Viking Farming near East London in the Eastern Cape is a small but intensive vegetable operation that supplies supermarkets and...
Frozen chicken meat imports hit record levels last year

SA frozen chicken meat imports hit record levels last year

South Africa set a new record for the amount of frozen broiler meat that was brought into the country last year, importing R6 billion worth of chicken.
Danene van der Westhuyzen

International post for Namibian hunters’ association president

Danene van der Westhuyzen, president of the Namibia Professional Hunters’ Association (NAPHA), was recently elected to serve on the international organisation Dallas Safari Club’s (DSC) newly formed Conservation Advisory Board...
Celebrating 2019 World Pulses Day

Celebrating 2019 World Pulses Day

World Pulses Day, a global event aimed at raising awareness about the multiple benefits of pulses, is being celebrated today. READ Data sharing in the fresh...

Fitting a McClellan saddle

This American cavalry saddle has been in use for 159 years. It was employed in the American Civil war and the Second Anglo-Boer War, and is still used for stock...

Finding value in cattle shows in an era of modern breeding

The showing of cattle is often used by stud breeders to market their animals. However, as genetic values become more prominent as a tool to improve the performance of herds,...

Farmers can help save endangered fish species

The populations of many indigenous fish are in decline. Here’s an easy and practical solution to boost their numbers.

Dramatic savings with low-flow drip irrigation

By switching from micro-irrigation to low-flow drip irrigation, macadamia farmer Dawid de Kock has reduced his irrigation water usage by 50%. With the subsequent savings on electricity, fertiliser and labour,...

Quality and efficiency drive commercial lettuce production

Many people who enjoy lettuce in their salad may not be aware that it can be a fairly challenging crop to grow commercially. Dicky and Koshik Sitaram, whose family have...

New net solution to protect fruit from sunburn

Some growers in the Southern Cape are using nets that can easily be draped over tree rows to protect pome fruit against sunburn. Apart from their convenience and flexibility, the...
De Wetshof

How De Wetshof stays ahead in the wine business

Agri Western Cape’s Young Farmer of the year for 2018, Johann de Wet of De Wetshof Wine Estate, tells Glenneis Kriel how he and his brother, Peter, are keeping their...
Krone Big X 1180 forage harvester.

Meet the world’s most powerful forage harvester

The official launch of the latest Krone Big X forage harvester took place in Germany in September 2018. Joe Spencer reports on this advanced machine.
Animal health is a cornerstone of successful farming, and at some point all livestock farmers need to inject their animals....
Breeding is not always the best way to make money in livestock farming. You might profit more by buying young...
Rest and nutrition are both key to ensuring conception, good health and maximum profit.
If branding is carried out poorly, it can lead to infection, muscle damage, and brands that are difficult to read....

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How recording ewes reproduction boosts fertility

How recording ewes reproduction boosts fertility

Recording the reproduction of your ewe flocks during each breeding season will help you identify potential fertility problems.
Cutting propagation made easy!

Cutting propagation made easy!

Many people think that growing new plants or trees from cuttings should be left to qualified horticulturists. In fact, this technique is relatively simple, says Shane Brody.
What are the objects of your business plan?

What are the objectives of your business plan?

The objectives outlined in your business plan must be realistic and achievable, with the strengths and weaknesses properly identified and analysed.
Co-ops are making a comeback

Co-ops are making a comeback

The farming sector has a long tradition of depending on co-operative models that, in essence, offer groups of smaller or medium-sized farmers the same scale of benefits that would otherwise...
Farm shop design

Farm shop with food and entertainment

Jonno designs a farm shop that includes a shisa nyama/braai area; an entertainment hall/restaurant, a car wash and filling station.
The heart-shaped pan

Hunting traditionally with the Khomani San

The Khomani San of the Kalahari are revered for their intimate knowledge of bush lore. Now they’re practising these skills commercially and offering hunting packages on the vast tracts of...

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