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Useful Products

Useful Products

The battery isolator and its many functions

This takes mere seconds to operate, yet it can prevent vehicle theft and help keep you safe.

A quick, convenient system to secure loads

This cleverly designed system is flexible, rugged and convenient.

The answer when a pet goes missing

Microchipping is the most effective pet identification solution.

Tailgate troubles – easy does it!

Simple to install, the EZDown should be compulsory on all bakkies.

Quick and accurate pH measurement in your pocket

Here is a reliable, pocket-sized pH meter for all your watery solutions.

Containerised intensive fodder production

This imaginative system uses very little water for what it produces.

Riveting from one side only

An ingenious fastener that sparked a revolution

Another use for a tough product

This tough surface coating protects your bakkie’s lower body panels and bumpers.

Keep track of your cattle 24/7

This hi-tech product is a useful weapon against stock thieves.

Time to move from print images to digital

Converting colour slides and negatives to digital images is quick and easy.

Ruggedness, reliability and good ride quality tyre

This Firestone tyre copes well on both tar and track.

A medicine chest in a bottle

A trusted medication with many uses.


South Africa’s tobacco value chain hits back at cigarette ban

Fightback from major role players in South Africa’s tobacco value chain, together with some civil rights organisations, against government’s ongoing ban on the legal trade in tobacco products is rapidly...
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