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The production of trout remains a heated topic between conservationists and aquaculturists.
Many experts have the theoretical knowledge, but fail to put themselves in the shoes of the rural, small-scale fish farmer.
Green water culture provides a highly nutritious ‘soup’ of feed for fish stock, promoting faster growth. It also cuts out the high cost of artificial feed.
The Gysie Britz story

The Gysie Britz story

With his passion and skill, Gysie Britz raised the bar in South African pigeon racing. Thomas Smit spoke to the champion fancier about his success.
Top female entrepreneur’s passion for training new farmers

Top female entrepreneur’s passion for training new farmers

Piggery owner Zodwa Thwala, winner of the 2017 Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Best Female Entrepreneur Award, says that her love for teaching motivated her to add farmer...
Severing the umbilical cord

Severing the umbilical cord

As a rule, you should avoid tying off the umbilical cord after birth. However, if very heavy bleeding occurs, it’s time to act, advises Dr Mac.

Plough for more

The Wildlands Conservation Trust has been tasked by national electricity provider, Eskom, to help it establish a 9 000 hectare nature reserve at its hydro-electric Ingula Pumped Storage Project straddling...
Agri SA will be taking over management of the Drought Disaster Fund which was originally initiated by Senwes in association with Agri SA.

Retrenchments at KLK-Landbou

Trade union Solidarity said it managed to cushion the impact of retrenchments at KLK-Landbou, in Upington in the Northern Cape.
According to Prof André Agenbag of the Protein Research foundation, the benefits of canola rotation are well known.
Annually, Africa spends about R3 billion ($40 billion) on importing processed foods. This was according to Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, who recently addressed delegates at the Emoyeni Estates in Johannesburg for...
South Africans were on average 25% poorer today than we were seven years ago, according to Agbiz CEO Dr John Purchase, speaking at the annual Free State Agriculture Congress in...

Farm saves money

By switching off its computer-controlled irrigation pumps during peak hours, when tariffs are high, Senekal Boerdery of Mkuze in northern KwaZulu-Natal saved R250 000 in 2005 in energy costs.
Ivan Cloete started farming with pigs in Blackheath near Cape Town seven years ago.
Miniature or ‘baby’ vegetables grown on the Yukon Group’s farms around South Africa are increasingly finding their way to supermarket shelves in the UK, France, Sweden and the UAE. Sabrina...
Oyster farming offers several advantages: it’s sustainable, has low-impact, and produces naturally organic and healthy food.
South Africa is seeing renewed interest in crocodile farming, with skins fetching attractive prices. There is a growing international demand for the product, and SA may be at an advantage.
Thorn Park trading store began farming chickens 19 years ago after fortune walked through the door – literally. Now raising in excess of 10 000 chickens, the enterprise is proving...
Once you have conducted the necessary feasibility studies and determined the exact format of your agritourism business, the next step would be to decide on an appropriate business structure for...
Pan-fried calamari is an impressive addition to the new cook’s repertoire, and the tomato sauce is a tasty reinvention of a classic. Enjoy this dish with a cold beer, or...

Chicken roasted in beer

Chicken is a national bird in Africa. Where there are people, you will find chickens. Here is an outstanding combination of flavours, all centred upon a slightly boozy version of...

Home-made marmalade

On a hot, humid Durban Saturday, the last thing any normal person would want to do is spend a couple of sweaty hours in the kitchen, but when the purple...
Mauritius, Ile de Maurice… the mere name conjures up images of never-ending white beaches and sapphire blue waters. Annelie Coleman visited the island earlier this year – and found it...
To make cauliflower mash with chicken livers and chorizo sausage for four, you will need: For the mashed cauliflower: 1 head of cauliflower 2 cloves garlic 50g grated hard cheese...
When it comes to breeding, there’s nothing like a top quality cock. But don’t forget the hens, says Thomas Smit.
Van Pletzen is a well-known and highly respected name in the SA Merino wool sheep industry. Gavin Isted visited the farm Sterkfontein near Jamestown to find out why.
Late to the game, South African fish farms are beginning to offer tasty, well-presented products that are attracting more and more consumers.
Produced on a small scale, this includes cold-water pond fish, such as koi carp, as well as tropical fish.
South Africa’s stud game industry is making great strides in breeding genetically superior stock, but are the high prices being paid at auctions healthy – or the start of a...

Farm dams are a good idea

Sadly, SA fails to exploit its irrigation dams for aquaculture. But farm dams, connected to well-built pond systems, offer great potential for growers.
Carrot fertilisation is very different to fertilisation in other vegetable crops. It’s crucial to understand this when evaluating a soil analysis prior to fertilising.
The recent announcement that aphids and not leaf hoppers are the vector for the spread of the brassica stunting disorder virus (BSD) makes sense.
Peppers belong to the Capsicum genus (family Solanaceae). It’s when we come to common names that things get confusing.

Market agent fraud

When a market agent is caught defrauding a farmer, a long and complex legal process is put in motion. Yet often it seems as if nothing is being achieved.
The inventor of Organic Medium Enclosed Trough farming claims that his method has higher yields than hydroponics, and is simpler. Jay Ferreira visits Helmuth Rohrer to find out more.
Agricultural economist and part-time farmer, Dr Philip Theunissen, provides a detailed efficiency and cost comparison between conventional tillage and no-till maize crops.

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