Questions about Zim government’s land restoration plans

The Zimbabwean government has announced a legal framework to restore ownership rights to individuals and companies that lost farms over the past 20 years, in terms of the Bilateral Investment Protection and Promotion Agreements.
Namibian hunting quotas cut 80% due to drought

Namibian hunting quotas cut 80% due to drought

The past several years’ drought in Namibia has had a devastating impact on the country’s hunting industry, and in some areas hunting quotas had been cut between 70% and 80%. This was according to Tanya Dahl, CEO of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA).

Recovery plan for grain production in Zimbabwe

For the first time in 20 years, the producer prices of small grains in Zimbabwe have been set higher than that of maize as a way of encouraging the growing of these crops.

GM maize export potential as Zimbabwe lifts ban

The decision by the Zimbabwean government to lift the ban on genetically modified (GM) maize imports to increase supplies after a poor local harvest season, could benefit South African farmers.

Coronavirus outbreak could benefit pangolin conservation

The pangolin is the world’s most trafficked mammal, being sought after for its scales for the manufacture of traditional medicine, particularly in China.
Zimbabwe boosts livestock production with pig imports from SA

Zimbabwe boosts livestock production with pig imports from SA

Zimbabwe is finalising arrangements to import 230 Large White Landrace and Duroc pigs from South Africa as breeding stock, as part of a US$45 million (about R630 million) EU-funded project to improve the country’s livestock value chain.

Cannabis production could outpace demand – new report

A new report on cannabis production and trade is forecasting an increase in medical cannabis production this year, but warns that the existing small markets could leave growers with unsold stocks.

Severe drought in Namibia continues unabated

Despite reports of good rainfall in the north-eastern parts of Namibia, the drought in that country is still continuing.

Export tax bites into survival of Zambian crocodile farming

Representatives of Zambia’s commercial crocodile farming sector have reportedly pleaded with that country’s government to abolish the 10% duty that was introduced on crocodile skin exports in January 2019.

‘Opportunity for SA to increase grain exports to Zimbabwe’

News that Zimbabwe’s government has significantly relaxed import and pricing controls on staple foodstuffs, is an opportunity for South Africa to increase exports of maize and wheat to its neighbour, according to Grain SA.
maize field

Price collusion in Zimbabwe’s hybrid seed market

A new study in Zimbabwe has found that the high concentration of seed companies in that country is promoting price collusion, which is resulting in hybrid maize seed becoming too expensive.
Zimbabwe landscape

Drought claims more than 10 000 cattle in Zimbabwe

About 10 500 head of cattle have died due to a lack of pasture and drinking water in three southern provinces of Zimbabwe, as the worst drought in recent years continues.

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