‘Economy 100% dependant on agriculture’ – Agri SA

Agriculture is a primary economic driver and South Africa’s economy is 100% dependant on it, said Agri SA president Johannes Möller at the Agri Northern Cape congress.

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But the economic models in the land reform Green Paper don’t offer any scope for growth, he added.

He said Agri SA’s model affords long-term growth opportunities, adding that it’s essential that focused international trade is stimulated. “We produce high-quality products and can greatly expand our potential. Local agricultural potential can be doubled if all available land is brought up to commercial agriculture standards. This will allow us entry into the African market and ensure local and regional food security,” said Möller.

Watch out for China, he added. Its entry into the African market threatens regional food security, as “China puts serious pressure on local supplies to supply in their local demand,” he said. Agricultural production internationally, he added, must be doubled over the next 40 years. “It’s a given that 46% of available agricultural land is in Africa, creating enormous opportunities for us.”

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