Food stalls popular at Nampo Harvest Day

A large variety of food items was on offer at the 2016 Nampo Harvest Day held near Bothaville in the Free State, with thousands of visitors enjoying the fare at the food stalls manned by different church organisations.

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Carel Botma of the Dutch Reformed food stall told Farmer’s Weekly that his group bought 1,3t of meat, mixed about 120 litres of pancake batter, bought 32 bags of carrots, 12 bags of onions, and 28 bags of potatoes – each weighing 10kg. This church stall had a team of 12 people on duty throughout Nampo.

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Another stall set up on the side of the road outside Nampo Park was the Koornhof tent. Erica Swanepoel said her group served braai packs, beer and other liquor to an estimated 1000 people during the week.

The 10 team members served a total of 4 800 bottles of beer, amounting to 200 cases, among other liquor varieties. Meat sold tipped the scales at about 100kg for chops and wors, and 50kg for biltong and drywors. About 100kg of pap and 300 buns were also sold.

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To keep visitors warm during the chilly evenings, about 15t of wood was burned in bonfires.