Get online – now!

If your business is not online, you’ll be left behind. The world buys, sells and communicates on the Internet. Change today, and start with a blog, says Greg Miles.

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Your blog is whatever you want it to be. It allows readers to respond to your comments, share links and more. Most farmers or children who have been to boarding school know what a ‘bog roll’ is. Well, a ‘blogroll’ is a list of links to websites that the author likes. These blogrolls actually increase traffic to your site and there’s an unwritten rule that if an author of a blog puts your blog on his or her blogroll, you should reciprocate. Groups can create a blog for a common interest they share – such as a veld ram club. The blog can be open to the public or access can be by invitation only.

Getting started
Interested? Test the waters by visiting the following sites…
A link to a list of 10 popular blogging websites.

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How to create your own blog
This is a link to a discussion of the advantages of having a blog for a business. You’ll also find a slew of extremely useful statistics.
A list of the top 20 agricultural blogs.

Cattle and sheep industry blog
Cattle and sheep industry blogs from Down Under.

Online presence
According to Google, the web economy in G20 countries will double by 2016. By this time, 80% of all users will be using smartphones to access the Internet. Four years later, three billion people will be using the Internet. That’s close to 50% of the world’s population.

With figures like these, it becomes pretty obvious that if you don’t have an online presence and keep abreast of technology, your company or business will be left in the dark ages. Today, potential customers google your business before deciding to interact rather than reading an advertisement in, say, the Yellow Pages. On social media networks, consumers of every sort continually comment on their experiences with companies, products and salespeople. By not being online, you are saying: “I don’t need more business.”