Blaauwklippen expands product range

Blaauwklippen recently introduced its Triple Three Gin at a lunch held at the La Mouette Restaurant, Cape Town.

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The new product is distilled on the farm by the Triple Three Estate Distillery and comprises three flavours, Juniper Berry Gin, Citrus Infusion Gin and African Botanicals Gin.

The Juniper Berries Gin boasts a broad array of aromas. Sun-ripened oranges from the Eastern Cape, as well as Stellenbosch-grown organic lemons lend their flavours to the full-bodied Citrus Infusion Gin, while the African Botanicals Gin was created from a blend of seven botanicals including the flora of the Western Cape.

“Gin consumption in the European market has grown dramatically in the past five years,” said Rolf Zeitvogel, MD and cellar master at Blaauwklippen. “With the rise of a wider variety of quality, artisanal distilled and brewed products, we felt a need to add to our existing portfolio of hand crafted wines. The Triple Three Gin fills this gap perfectly.”

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Blaauwklippen is also planning to locally grow its juniper berries in the near future. The juniper is a robust plant that can be found in a wide range of temperatures.