Capespan moves into India

Fruit company Capespan has acquired a 35% stake in one of India’s largest fruit distributors, the family-owned business, Yupaa Group.

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The move is part of Capespan’s strategy to expand its footprint in India.

“It’s difficult to go large in India without a partner that understands the culture and the way the Indian market works. Many multinationals that have tried to do this on their own have failed,” Andre van Niekerk, a business analyst at Capespan, told  Farmer’s Weekly.

Yupaa is currently seen as a pioneer when it comes to the importing of fresh produce. Its distribution network covers 32 cities and its fruit is sold to wholesalers and indirect dealers covering in all 29 states in India.

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There is a great opportunity for growth in the country, which has a population of more than 1,2 billion, most of whom are vegetarians.

Currently, Capespan mainly exports apples and pears to India, but there is also good growth opportunity for citrus.

“Although the emphasis in the short term will be on imported fruit volumes, other opportunities to beneficiate local produce will also be pursued over time,” said Capespan’s managing director Johan Dique.