Conservation agriculture is a good investment

Conservation agriculture (CA) is a good investment for any grain producer. This was according to Dr Peter Johnston, a climatologist at the Cape Town University.

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Speaking at the 2014 Grain SA congress in Bothaville recently, Johnston said CA resulted in vastly improved water retention and soil preservation.

“This obviously increases the competitive edge of grain production. Climate is only one part of a very complex system. However, there is no question that it’s getting warmer and that water lies at the centre of the system. That’s where CA comes into the picture,” he said.

Johnston said it was very difficult to say whether the world was in, or entering a system of extreme weather. “What’s true is that we’ve recorded seven or eight of the warmest years ever during the past decade. Predictions are that it will be between 1,5°C and 2,5°C warmer than now by 2050. A millimetre of moisture will by then mean far less than now. That’s one reason why water conservation and management is of the essence.”

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