Livestock on the loose

In fact, some who regularly travel these roads refer to livestock in this communal region as ‘Transkei robots’ because of their ability to bring all traffic to a standstill. However, it must be said that the Eastern Cape government – especially in the past five years – has done much to address the problem by launching state-funded fencing projects and employing locals (mostly on horseback) to keep livestock off the roads.

But in certain areas the problem persists, as illustrated by this horse killed on the R61 near Engcobo after a collision with the damaged vehicle in the background. The incredible impact of the collision is not only illustrated by the condition of the vehicle, but also by the large amount of dry blood on the road and the exposed intestines of the dead horse. As far as could be established, no human was seriously injured, but clearly the danger posed by stray livestock on roads in the former Transkei remains a dangerous reality.