Mapungubwe interpretive centre temporarily closed due to heavy rains

The Mapungubwe Interpretive Centre (MIC) situated within the Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site has been temporarily closed due to the heavy rains in the area.

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This was according to Divhani Maremba, National Parks spokesperson who said over the past two days, the park has received about 212 mm of rain. “It is for this reason that we would like to caution our visitors not to utilise some major roads with low water bridges within the park.”

According to Maremba some roads have been washed away and visitors were strongly advised not to use those roads especially if they are using small vehicles. She said park’s operation have otherwise not been severely affected. “The only camps that can be easily reached by normal vehicles are Tshugulu and Leokwe. We strongly advise all our visitors to avoid crossing any low-water bridges.” The heavy rains were expected to continue until Sunday.