Namibian agriculture slows in bad drought

Experts believe the current drought in Namibia is the worst experienced in three decades.

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A recent economic outlook by the Bank of Namibia (BoN) predicts that the drought will slow growth in agriculture, according to The drought could mean longer depressed conditions in the primary industries than was assumed in baseline projections, the report stated. Namibia’s agricultural sector was expected to deteriorate by 5,5% this year, before recovering by 6,1% in 2014, while crop production was expected to decline by 9,3% before recovering by 5,2% in 2014 due to better rainfall prospects.

“Value-added livestock farming is expected to expand by 23,5% this year before slowing to 6,8% in 2014. Farmers are selling off livestock in response to severe drought conditions.“A rise in cattle and small stock marketing is expected from live exports to South Africa. Sell-offs may decline in 2014,” the report stated.