Nico Harris is Farmer’s Weekly mentor breeder of the year

Harris was awarded for his contribution to the development of new farmers. He said he felt honoured to be a recipient of the award and will continue to make a positive contribution to farmer development in South Africa.

“I would like to dedicate the award to our family business as it was a family effort. It is also very rewarding to see the success of the Kwasanque community,” he said.

The Kwasanque community farm project, which consists of forestry, sugarcane, macadamias, game and Nguni cattle, is one of the mentoring projects Harris is involved with.

Speaking at the event Freddie Wasserfall, president of SA Stud Book, commended livestock producers who continue to perform well in difficult economic conditions driven by the drought.

Dr Pierre van Rooyen, Stud Book SA CEO, said that farmers are facing the most challlenging circumstances in years.

“Despite the drought, SA Stud Book chooses to honour stud breeders who continue to make innovative plans for sustainable farming,” van Rooyen said.

He said that the ability of livestock producers to stay afloat illustrates the value of genetic improvement.

“Production figures and their application ensure management practices that will prove their worth during these trying circumstances,” he said.