South Africa

Environmental regulations for mines ‘inferior’

The unhindered expansion of mining in Mpumalanga and Limpopo could compromise food security in South Africa.

EC wool market booming

The wool market seems to be unstoppable and, with prices climbing to the highest levels ever, the industry is heading for a much needed upswing.

Problems can be opportunities – former ANC MP

When it comes to the National Wool Growers Association’s (NWGA) role in reconciliation, economic empowerment and nation building, problems must be resolved through co-operation and changed into opportunities, said Dr...

Welcome in the changes if you want to survive, SA farmers...

Farming is a business and should be managed as such.

Shell publishes Karoo groundwater atlas

Shell South Africa recently released stage one of a Karoo groundwater atlas in what is arguably a step by the company to bolster support for its plans to explore for...

Soya bean and maize yields wither in drought

Most parts of the summer grain production region of South Africa received between 20% and 30% less rain in the 2011/12 season than the 2010/11 season.

Dry spell puts the brakes on original maize yield estimates

A February/March dry spell over much of South Africa’s summer grains production area has forced the Crop Estimates Committee to drop the total maize estimate by 399 800 tons to...

SA farmers in Congo “miracle workers”

South African farmers in the Congo have been dubbed miracle workers by the Congolese government for the transformation of 1000ha of jungle into maize fields in just three months.

Feeding the hungry could benefit the wheat and bread industry

Some 20% of South African households are food insecure with inadequate access to food.

Co-op workers strike

Weeks of wage negotiations between eight agricultural companies and co-operatives and their employees have failed for six of them.

Labour law amendments hinder employment

Stricter labour laws will result in further job losses, according to industry experts.

Government warms to shale gas exploration

The Treasure Karoo Action Group (TKAG), the civil society organisation leading the fight against plans to explore for shale gas in the Karoo, has not taken kindly to the National...


Livestock farmers urged to prepare for upcoming cold snaps

Livestock farmers urged to prepare for upcoming cold snaps

With South Africa now officially in the grip of winter, the country’s livestock farmers need to keep a constant close eye on short-term weather forecasts.

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