SA to sign CAADP compact in November

Preparations are at an advanced stage for South Africa to sign the long-waited Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) compact.

Bongeka Mbeleni, deputy director Africa relations at the department of agriculture, said SA will in November this year join 40 other countries that have signed the CAADP compact and progressed to develop national agriculture and food security investment plans, reflecting positive response to the continental political commitment.

Despite the challenges of the lengthy consultative processes of CAADP, huge opportunities exist from the increased public investment and attention towards agriculture, Mbeleni said. But to take advantage there’s a need to have the right information and forge partnerships.

She said President Zuma made a commitment to transform the country’s agriculture sector by improving upon the 2003 Maputo Declaration, where African governments committed to spending at least 10% of their national budgets on agriculture.

CAADP’s goal is to eradicate hunger and reduce poverty through agriculture. African governments have agreed to increase public investment in agriculture by a minimum of 10% of their national budgets and to raise agricultural productivity by at least 6%.