TAU SA suspends participation in Green Paper

Agricultural union, TAU SA has suspended its participation in discussions on the Green Paper on Land Reform.

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TAU SA said the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Gulile Nkwinti has already been informed about its decision. TAU SA would thus also not attend the National Reference Group (NAREG) meeting scheduled for today and tomorrow (15 to 16 February). 

In a letter to the Minister, TAU SA president, Louis Meintjes stated that the process followed to date was misleading and that organisations such as TAU SA were only used to create legitimacy to the process. Meintjes referred to several letters to the minister and officials of his department which were unanswered.

“Allow me to express my disappointment with the fact that not a single issue which I raised in my letters, resulted in any factual response from either yourself or your department. If that is a reflection of the relationship which exists between yourself and the principals whom you personally invited to serve with you on NAREG, I am disillusioned”, said Meintjes. 

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