Tru-Cape launches ‘ugly apple’ marketing campaign

Consumers are being encouraged by Tru-Cape to not judge hail-damaged apples by their appearance, but rather by ‘what is on the inside’.

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The new managing director of Tru-Cape, Roelf Pienaar said that a newly launched marketing campaign, which will primarily be run on social media platforms, was aimed at reducing the economic impact of hail-damaged fruit from farmers in the Ceres region.

“In November last year our Ceres growers experienced one of the worst hail storms to occur in the area in the past 50 years. Of the 27 shareholders of Ceres Fruit Growers (suppliers of Tru-Cape) just seven were lucky enough to be left with a normal marketable crop in 2014,” said Pienaar.

The logo that will appear on packaging to be used to market apples that have been damaged by hail. Courtesy of Tru-Cape

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He added that some Ceres apple and pear growers effectively had 100% damage to their crops.

“Despite the devastation caused by the hail, these farmers continue to be positive – a spirit that defines the Tru-Cape grower,” continued Pienaar.

The campaign, said Pienaar, will inform consumers that even if fruit appeared pock-marked because of the hail-damage, it was still ‘delicious and healthy’.

For more information, follow Tru-Cape on Twitter at @TruCapeFruit. Updates on Twitter about the campaign will carry the tag #UglyPretty.