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UK resumes sheep embryo exports to the US

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) in the UK has announced the resumption of UK sheep embryos exports to the US.

Second-largest ever US maize harvest forecast weighs on prices

An 18% decline in maize prices has been reported in the US during July on the back of forecasts that this year’s harvest will be the second-largest on record at an estimated 15,13 billion bushels (about 384 million tons), according to Reuters.

Chinese meat consumption growth unlocks export opportunities

A significant increase in meat consumption in China is opening up new export opportunities for countries around the world.

India’s rice export ban to halt progress on food inflation

India has halted two million tons of rice exports with immediate effect as the country seeks to keep local supply and prices stable amid a looming election. The ban impacts all non-basmati white rice and came into effect on Thursday last week.

UK project aims to reduce methane emissions in sheep

The sheep industry in the UK is hoping to use genetic engineering to reduce methane emissions without negatively affecting important traits such as grazing ability.

Fruit and vegetable shortages loom for Ireland

Growers and industry specialists are warning that consumers in Ireland can expect a shortage of fruit and vegetables for the rest of 2023.

Concern about forecast for decline in Australia’s winter crops

The production of winter crops in Australia is expected to fall sharply during the coming season from the record highs experienced during the past few seasons.

Heavy rain in China damages millions of tons of wheat

Prolonged rainfall on a scale rarely seen before is severely hampering wheat production in China, resulting in crops becoming infecting with blight and leading to preharvest sprouting.

Brazil declares animal health emergency after bird flu outbreak

The world's largest poultry exporter, Brazil, has declared a 180-day animal health emergency starting on Monday, 23 May.

‘Ethical pork law’ a threat to US farmers’ viability – claim

The implementation of Proposition 12 in California may be the final straw for many pig farmers across the US. This is according to Dwight Mogler, a large-scale pig producer in northwest Iowa and a member of the National Pork Producers’ Council (NPPC) board.

‘Using sheep to trim fields at solar plants benefits everyone’

When the owners of a solar farm near the small town of Kamenica in eastern Kosovo became tired of wasting the plant’s own energy to keep the site tidy, they brought in a flock of sheep to trim the grass.

Dutch livestock farmers to receive payment for halting operations

The EU has approved a €1,5 billion (about R20,23 billion) scheme that will allow the Dutch government to buy out farmers in an effort to reduce nitrogen emissions in that country.