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Reviving New Zealand’s flagging wool industry

The wool industry has long been an iconic part of New Zealand’s rural identity, supporting vibrant rural communities over many generations of farmers, and remains an important part of the country’s regional economy.

Extreme weather keeps Haiti’s farmers on a knife’s edge

A comprehensive national plan needs to be implemented in Haiti to address climate change, stem deforestation, and restore degraded land and watersheds in an effort to help the country’s vulnerable farmers, according to local environmentalists.

Concern over looming global coffee shortage next year

Coffee prices reached new highs in August on the back of concerns about future supplies and increasing freight costs.

Wheat buyers in Asia face potential shortages

Wheat farmers in Alberta, Canada are among those hard-hit by extreme heat, which has put pressure on global wheat supplies.

Wineries count the cost of wildfires in southern France

Winemakers in south-eastern France are taking stock of the damage to their vineyards following a week-long wildfire in late August, which caused widespread damage across the region.

‘New Zealand agri sector needs more women leaders’

The gender bias in the leadership of the primary agriculture sector in New Zealand means it is missing out on a wealth of talent that is vital to reach its future goals.

Potato photo contest puts the best spuds forward

The humble potato once again took centre stage with the recent crowning of the winner in the second International Potato Photographer of the Year competition.

China builds mega pig ‘hotels’ to improve biosecurity

In an attempt to prevent outbreaks of diseases such as African swine fever, authorities in China are contracting companies to build high-rise ‘pig hotels’.

Textile industry hits back at global warming critics

A new UN project suggests that the impact of livestock’s contribution to global warming is being overstated.

Adverse global weather creates potent bull market for wheat

The agriculture sector in Europe is frantically assessing the damage to crops following the recent devastating floods that wreaked havoc in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, in particular.

Farmers in China planting maize at expense of other crops

Chinese farmers have greatly increased maize plantings this year at the expense of soya bean and other crops, including sorghum and edible beans.

US farmworkers forced to work at night as temperatures soar

Many farmworkers in the north-western US have started working during the night to avoid temperatures as high as 42°C, due to an unprecedent heatwave that has engulfed this region of North America since late June.

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