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US cannabis stocks start the year on a high

Cannabis stocks in the US started the year on a high with producers in the US and Canada issuing stocks worth US$1,38 billion [about R20 billion] in the first five weeks of 2021.

UN highlights vulnerabilities in global food chain

Vulnerabilities in the global food supply system have been exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, which have led to concerns from global leaders about famine and mass migration.

Malaysia files dispute with WTO over EU palm biofuel curbs

Malaysia is in the process of instituting legal action at the global trade watchdog, the World Trade Organization (WTO), against the EU and member states France and Lithuania, in particular, for restricting palm oil-based biofuel production. This was according to a recent statement by the Malaysian government.

Mixed reaction to Mexico’s banning of GM maize

Mexico’s main agricultural lobby, the National Agricultural Council, has criticised the government’s decision to ban genetically modified (GM) maize, while organic growers hailed the move in the hope that it would protect smaller farmers.

Palm oil alternative investments could help save rainforests

Players in the international biotech industry have been working on a synthetic alternative to palm oil in an attempt to replace natural palm oil in various products.

World’s largest pig farm aims to produce 2 million hogs a year

Chinese pig producer Muyuan Foods grew its profits by 1 413% in the first nine months of 2020 to 21 billion yuan (about R48 billion), after the company started operations at the first of 21 buildings on its new pig farm in Neixiang county, Henan province, during September.

Large-scale culling of COVID-19 mink shrouded in controversy

Russia has announced that the country’s agricultural ministry will proactively vaccinate its mink population against COVID-19 after several European countries as well as the US identified cases of the virus that carry the disease in the animals.

Deregulation in India met with mixed response from farmers

Following the recent controversial deregulation of the agriculture industry in India, agri-tech entrepreneurs are flooding the market with apps to connect farmers to larger-scale buyers through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Belgian racing pigeon sells for record price of R29 million

A two-year-old Belgian racing pigeon named New Kim has fetched a record price of €1,6 million (about R29,2 million) during an online auction held by racing pigeon auction house PIPA Elite Center from 2 to 15 November.

Concern over ageing farmer population in Europe

Agricultural policy-makers in the EU have expressed concern about the ageing agricultural population, with the average age of occupiers of farms in the bloc continuing to rise.

Lobby groups and farmers criticise changes to EU farm bill

A recent decision by EU agriculture ministers to set aside a portion of the bloc's common agricultural policy (CAP) budget for programmes that protect the environment has come under fire from environmental organisations for not going far enough.

R6 billion investment boosts world’s largest insect farm

A recent investment of US$372 million (about R6,14 billion) will allow French company, Ÿnsect, to complete its new insect farming enterprise.

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