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No food imports needed to feed Europe by 2050 study suggests

The entire European population could be fed without the need to rely on food imports by 2050. This was according to a new study conducted by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France.

UK meat producers warn of shortage due to Brexit, COVID-19

Stakeholders in the UK’s meat sector have warned that the country could face shortages of locally produced meat if the problems currently encountered with recruiting workers continued.

Poor countries under threat from surging food import costs

The cost of global food imports, including shipping, is expected to increase 12% to reach a record US$1,71 trillion (about R24,55 trillion) this year, up from US$1,53 trillion (R21,59 trillion) in 2020.

High-tech greenhouse boom in China following COVID-19

Workers at a new glass greenhouse facility operated by Dutch company FoodVentures on Chongming Island just outside Shanghai in China, recently harvested their first batch of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Global beef prices benefit from soaring demand in China

Beef prices are surging around the world, which is contributing to global food prices skyrocketing to their highest level since 2014.

EU agriculture reforms aim to save small farmers

Negotiations about sweeping reforms to the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is being concluded this week.

Vietnamese shrimp fortunes have fallout for the environment

Farmers in the Mekong Delta region in Vietnam are being forced to adapt to increasing intrusion of salt water by replacing rice production in one of Asia’s largest rice-growing regions with shrimp farming.

Burying underwear down under to help the earth

As part of a new global movement, farmers and schoolchildren in Australia and New Zealand are burying their cotton underwear in the soil and digging it up again eight weeks later.

India’s anti-farm law protests continue amid COVID-19 surge

The tens of thousands of farmers in India who have been protesting against new agricultural laws are seemingly undeterred by the second, more devastating wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in that country.

US farming machinery supply under pressure

Disruptions to global supply chains have resulted in a shortage of the steel, plastics, microchips and tires that US machinery manufacturers need to produce tractors and combine harvesters.

French government steps in to assist frost-ravaged farmers

The French government will increase the upper claim limits of the country’s agriculture catastrophe fund to compensate farmers for the recent extensive damage suffered to their crops due to unexpected cold weather.

African swine fever takes new toll on China’s pig herd

At least 20% of the breeding herd in northern China have been wiped out by a new wave of African swine fever outbreaks this year.

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