Spanjaard Copper Compound shields nuts and bolts in extreme heat.
This local innovation turns nuisance kitchen waste into a valuable agricultural input.
This takes mere seconds to operate, yet it can prevent vehicle theft and help keep you safe.

Plough for more

Some 160 subsistence, smallholder and emergent commercial farmers were honoured for their contribution to the country’s food security at Grain SA’s recent Day of Celebration in Bloemfontein.

Retrenchments at KLK-Landbou

Trade union Solidarity said it managed to cushion the impact of retrenchments at KLK-Landbou, in Upington in the Northern Cape.
Government plans to accelerate land reform, but there’s still very little clarity about the policy direction that will be taken to speed up redistribution.
A 12-day fire destroyed 215 000ha on the Ghaap plateau in the Northern Cape last month, leaving stricken farmers with no grazing. Annelie Coleman reports.
South African farmers and former Zimbabwean farmers dispossessed by land grabs in that country won an important victory after the Constitutional Court upheld an earlier judgement that Zimbabwean-owned property in...
Agri SA and Senwes have launched the Droogte Ramp Fonds (Drought Disaster Fund) where the public can donate money online to farmers who need drought relief.
During the dispute between South Africa and the EU about the perceived threat that citrus black spot might be spread through exported fruit, the first 2014 consignments left our shores...
The Toyota New Harvest of the Year finalist for 2015, Koena Jack Moradu, has a simple yet sensible vision: to leave a legacy that will allow his children and his...
Theo de Jager stands at a crossroads. He can choose to sell his farm to one of 16 land claimants or he can fight to stay in business. Does Theo’s...
A honey bee farming initiative started by Reginald and Irma Jacobus in Friemersheim has brought hope to this rural town by helping to stem the tide of unemployment and poverty....
Macadamia nuts are in huge demand internationally, yet global production is nowhere near meeting this. A teamwork strategy in KwaZulu-Natal is aiming to take full advantage of the growth potential...
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) should announce how it intends determining whether a farming business is characterised as large, medium or small for the purposes of AgriBEE by...

All wrapped up!

Jonno gives FWSA readers a special gift for Christmas - a basic home design.
The invention of pasta is almost as important as the discovery of bread. And the genius of both is their ability to trigger so many different flavour combinations.
You requested that you would like to build nine separate units on your property in honour of the departed, and want these to be traditional rondavels.

Building on limited space

Dear Jonno I have been reading your Farmer’s Weekly column for a long time and would like to ask for your advice. We have a structure that we intend building...
To many, a curry is a good old Anglo-Saxon stew destroyed by some stale yellow powder out of a cardboard box. This opinion could not be more misinformed: Indian-influenced cuisine...
Dear Jonno, I would like your help building a house in Underberg.

Grooming your horse

A gleaming, healthy horse is a handsome sight, and likely to be a contented animal. But getting it to this condition takes ‘spit and polish’, and trust between human and...
In addition to honey, bees produce propolis, a sticky, resinous substance that can be used to treat a number of equine problems.
With R1 million in combined prize money expected, this is one race you can’t afford to miss, says Thomas Smit.
Fairly common, especially among free-range layers, this can be a hard habit to break – so prevention is better than cure.
A well-fitted cavesson can help you control your horse, says Dr Mac.

Weaning your foal

This can be a stressful and dangerous period for foals, cautions Dr Mac.
Sugarcane farmer Lee Hlubi is working hard to contribute to the agricultural economy. But the influx of cheap sugar imports is threatening to derail her efforts.
Paul Cluver, managing director of Paul Cluver Wines, and his sister, Karin, the production manager, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about new technologies used to improve fruit and wine production efficiency,...
The trend nowadays is to feed the soil and not the crop.
While it’s well-known that the vast majority of South Africa’s land reform transfers have failed due to factors such as inadequate post-settlement support, in Mpumalanga the opposite is happening, thanks...
When it comes to vegetables, choosing the right nitrogen fertiliser is extremely important. For many US agronomists, ammonium sulphate is the fertiliser of choice.
Vegetable seedlings vary quite a bit, so make sure you tell your seedling grower what you need.

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