Spanjaard Copper Compound shields nuts and bolts in extreme heat.
This local innovation turns nuisance kitchen waste into a valuable agricultural input.
This takes mere seconds to operate, yet it can prevent vehicle theft and help keep you safe.

Plough for more

While the agriculture sector saw a year-on-year (y/y) employment gain in the third quarter of 2018, the level of unemployment in rural areas remains of great concern.
Two brutal farm attacks have taken place within five days of each other. In the first incident, Underberg forester Dan Knight (55) was beaten to death on 17 October, then...
Land reform is necessary in South Africa, but the fact that it’s bogged down isn’t commercial agriculture’s fault, said Agri Northern Cape president Wessel van der Merwe at the organisation’s...
Recommendations aimed at boosting wheat production in East Africa have been approved by the principal secretaries for trade in Kenya and Tanzania, Dr Chris Kiptoo and Prof Adolf Mkenda.
A decade-long dream to drive a tractor to the South Pole came true for Dutch actress and adventurer Manon ‘Tractor Girl’ Ossevoort on Tuesday, 9 December.
The 2016 white maize harvest has been delayed because of late plantings and the fact that crops are taking longer to dry off because of the shorter days and lower...
Prof Darrell Abernethy, appointed last year as Onderstepoort’s new dean, is poised to steer his alma mater towards addressing Africa’s desperate need for more vets in rural areas and improved...
‘Don’t romanticise small-scale farming’ was the message at the recent Potatoes South Africa symposium held to discuss speeding up black economic empowerment through partnerships.
Thanks to an established South African-based farming company, adventurous local farmers can now broaden their horizons with an opportunity to farm in other African countries.
Surplus wine in global markets is squeezing the profitability of many South African wine farmers. It has been proposed that a derivative instrument should be introduced for the wine industry...
Producing above the norm is attainable with well-managed hens, says poultry and mixed farming producer Erik Naudé.
American missionaries Ronnie and Janet Vehorn travelled to South Africa to preach to the Xhosa. Now they've fulfilled their dream of establishing the Eastern Cape's first wine estate along the...

Frittata wedges

A classic - with a delicious mushroomy twist.
Greetings William, Thank you for the detailed layout of your new home to be built in the Karoo. While your room measurements included the outer and inner walls, I’ve used these...

Retiring at the lakeside

I received a call from Mike and Molly, who would like a stage-built house in a private lakeside home resort. The man-made lake, which stretches for 3km upstream, is situated...

Mango pudding

You might like something a little less sweet for Christmas pudding. For that, try this mango pudding recipe.
It’s easy to forget that chilli is so much more than a local curry, with or without rice. Here’s a New World homage to the chilli, that glorious, scarlet, life-enhancing...

Strawberry custard slice

Some call this dessert millefeuille but I never cook anything I can’t pronounce. But custard slices? There’s a joyous childhood memory! Try this classic version, culled from some good friends’...

Catching your horse

A horse that refuses to be caught so you can ride it is no fun. But there are ways of breaking this bad habit, writes Kim Dyson.
Quick implementation of vaccination and biosecurity can stop an outbreak, says Dr Mac.
In contrast to any other agricultural sector, aquaculture is hobbled by a maze of conflicting national and provincial restrictions and barriers.

Horses in Africa

North Africans have been riding horses since antiquity and equines remain a valued cultural resource, says Dr Mac.
South Africa is faced with the unique opportunity to implement international best practice when establishing its aquaculture industry, says Terry Bennett from South Africa's largest and oldest fishing company Irvin...

Horses and back problems

The signs of backache are evident in almost every stable yard, but there’s hope – and help, says Kim Dyson.
‘Off-season’ is a misnomer, says Marble Hall citrus farmer Piet Engelbrecht. This is when crucial tasks such as pruning take place. Gerhard Uys visited him.
Senescence is the aging of fruit and vegetables until final decay, when they have to be discarded.
Western Cape fruit farmer Aat Hoekstra (85) recently received the South African fruit industry’s OSH Reinecke Industry Leader Award for 2015. The British Journal of Fresh Produce has also referred...
Local and international flower trends indicate that the South African flower industry has to diversify to meet ever-changing consumer demands.
When a farmer says he has 20 years’ experience, it could mean that he has simply been doing the same thing for 20 years without ever trying anything new!

Keep the market free!

I’ve heard rumblings from on high that it should be compulsory for bigger farmers to allocate, say, 20% of their produce to a black-owned market agency.

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