Dinokeng 2014 results update

All went well at the prestigious Dinokeng One-Day Loft International Pigeon Race, says Thomas Smit.

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The word Dinokeng means ‘place of many rivers’. The loft is situated east of Pretoria in the bushveld surroundings of the Dinokeng game reserve. Most road training flights for the 2014 Dinokeng One-Day Loft took place without mishap; the pigeons were not exposed to the early morning winter breeze, and the flock benefited from clear visibility and warm temperatures similar to those of the final race. Few losses were experienced.

Top five
The final, from the Gariep Dam near Colesburg (a distance of approximately 600km), was held on 24 August. The top five pigeons were:

  • Leeuwarden (NL 2013 1620036), Rudolf Visser (Netherlands); 
  • Scary Black Delight (ZA MPF 2013 0501) Carey & Sullwald (SA);
  • Akasha (ZA WPU 2014 3103), Theo Mienie (SA); 
  • Tsunami (ZA 2014 00321),  AJ Nel (SA); 
  • Money Spinner (ZA PSWU 2013 01184), Jan Venter TRB (SA). 

Club competition results

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  • MRK: Meerkat ZA WPU 2013 05657);
  • Ermelo: Mooinooi (ZA SOTVL 2013 4462);
  • Zwartkop: Topnotch (ZA PWF 2013 1530);
  • Kos Spec: Isabella (ZA WPU 2013 03719);
  • Crusaders: Crusader Kiki (ZA 2014 19534).

Grand averages

  • Ouboet (ZA PWF/D 2013 2093), Four D, S Loft;
  • Christine (ZA 2013 34168), 
  • Chris Strydom; Hataman (ZA YSC/LIM 2013 4204), Gaddin Bros and Charl Stander;
  • Toggas (ZA WPHU 2013 0982), Penkin/Gaddin/Stander Syndicate;
  • Rina (ZA NFS 2014 04751), Danie Hattingh.

The winning speedster
The Dinokeng Ace Pigeon 2014 (Best Bird) was determined by adding the velocity of every bird (calculated at m/ min) during the Super Turbo races and the main race. The winner was Hataman, with an average speed of 7 377,9m/min.

How a one-day loft works
A one-day loft is a privately- or SANPO-owned racing pigeon loft supervised by an expert trainer. Fanciers enter young racing pigeons into these lofts to compete for prize money. Pigeons are homed and trained according to a pre-planned programme to prepare them for a grand finale that carries the bulk of the cash prize payout. Prior to the final, several ‘money races’, called Hot Spots, are held during the longer training flights. Often, prize money is equal to that of the entry fee.

A fancier may opt to send a three-bird team to the loft. One or two pigeons will be main entries, and the remainder reserve/s. Reserves may be activated by paying an entry fee. Prior to the final event, the public may enter pigeons not activated by the owners.

For details, visit www.dinokenglofts.co.za.