Racing Pigeons 2010 TRPF results update

The Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation (TRPF) is having a rather fast-paced racing season this year, with average race speeds of between 1 300m and 1 400m per minute. Training is done on a knife’s edge to keep the front runners in top shape.

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There are 37 races in the Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation (TRPF’s) 2010 programme, from 5 June to 9 October. The programme is divided into short-, middle- and long-distance series, and champions are crowned in the various categories. Double races are flown each Saturday, 10 of which are reserved for yearlings to level the playing field as they’re less experienced than the older pigeons flown in the open races. But fanciers may also enter yearlings in open races.

Winners of TRPF short-distance races:
MJ Pieterse, Race category: Young Bird, Liberation point: Theunissen, Distance: 287km.
Croydon Lofts, Open, Theunissen, 287km.
JJ and DP de Beer, Young Bird, Bethlehem, 260km.
C Cherry, Open, Bethlehem, 260km.
WP Kitchenbrand, Young Bird, Bloemfontein, 370km.
D Rosslee, Open, Bloemfontein, 370km.
C Naudé and Son, Young Bird, Ladybrand, 340km.
H Beneke and BJ Saayman, Open, Ladybrand, 340km.
G Louw, Young Bird, Dewetsdorp, 399km.
Schmidt & Bouwer, Open, Dewetsdorp, 399km.
WP Kitchenbrand, Yearling Special, Bloemfontein, 370km.
GP Goosen, Open, Bloemfontein, 370km.

Top honours to the Kitchenbrand family
WP Kitchenbrand, or “Uncle Bill” as he’s known, held Boksburg Racing Pigeon Club’s name high by winning two federation races in the short-distance series. His sons, Billy and Mark, have also done well during the 2010 season. Billy and Uncle Bill have won 22 races in Boksburg and Mark has won five in Alberton. For the record, Kitchenbrand Lofts has entered 87 pigeons into the forthcoming Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race, all bred from international stock – watch the press!

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The Alberton Homing Society dominatesAs can be seen in the Single Bird to Count and All Birds to Count results (see tables below), the Alberton Homing Society dominates. In addition, five of the 12 TRPF short-distance races were won by members of the club.Most Alberton fanciers are focused businesspeople who research the best genetic pigeon material and engage in specialised breeding and training programmes. They’re known to import the best stock Europe has to offer.  |fw