New Holland wins another Tractor of the Year award

At the recent EIMA Show in Bologna, Italy, a jury of 20 journalists, each representing a European publication specialising in agricultural equipment, awarded two of the three prizes on offer to New Holland tractors.
Issue date 13 February 2009

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At the recent EIMA Show in Bologna, Italy, a jury of 20 journalists, each representing a European publication specialising in agricultural equipment, awarded two of the three prizes on offer to New Holland tractors. Joe Spencer reports.

The newly released New Holland T4050F won the “Best of Specialised” category, which rewards technological excellence and product innovation in specialist orchard and vineyard tractors. At the same time, the New Holland T6080 was the joint winner of the Golden Tractor for Design prize.
“The T4050F series, which is designed to operate on 100% biodiesel without costly modifications, has been recognised for its overall power, performance, versatility, comfort and leading innovations that reduce investment and operational costs,” says Peter Askew, managing director of New Holland Agriculture in South Africa. “This prestigious acknowledgement follows the awards for the New Holland T7000 tractors at the 2007 Agritechnica machinery show – the Tractor of the Year award and the Golden Tractor for Design award.
“The new powerful and compact T4000V/N/F tractors, available in three widths to suit different specialist applications, are designed to match high power to weight ratios with efficient manoeuvrability in any environment. They’re also known for versatility and operator comfort.”

Compact four-cylinder power
The new four model T4000 series is powered by new four-cylinder engines rated from 48kW to 71kW with torque ratings up to 398Nm and torque reserves up to 46%. These compact power units, complying with Tier III specifications, offer smooth running, fuel efficiency, and quiet operation and require minimal maintenance.

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Wide choice of transmissions
Modular design means transmissions can be easily matched to exact user needs. Advanced features include a power shuttle for specialist requirements, and a power clutch that lets the operator use a push button, on the main shift lever, for easy clutch operation. Another useful option is the creep gear with speeds as low as 160m/hour. Ultra-low speeds let the tractor carry out precision operations without stopping and starting. These transmissions are so flexible that this same low speed can be matched to a ratio offering a 40km/h transport speed.

Intercooler improves efficiency
The intercooler, fitted to these power units, cools the engine intake air and boosts combustion efficiency. The overall fuel use and power development remain consistent, regardless of conditions, particularly useful in hot weather.
Direct output, no loss of power
The rear power take-off (PTO) on T4000V/N/F tractors is engaged via a servo-assisted control and has a direct driveline to reduce power loss. Maximum engine power is directed to the PTO for the best performance and efficiency. A choice of Ground Speed/ 540/540E and 1 000 PTO speeds is available.

Advanced electronic draft control
The simple-to-use electronic draft control (EDC) means the operator can control implement working depths precisely. A finger tip-operated switch controls fast raise and lowering operations, reducing the time needed to make a field end or row turn.

Hydraulic linkage settings
Hydraulic stabilisers can be specified. They allow the implement to be offset to either side of the tractor, particularly useful in orchard operations. The stabilisers can be set in a fixed or floating position at the push of a button. A hydraulic levelling ram can also be specified for the right lower link arm. Both systems have a dedicated hydraulic supply.

Mechanical Hydraulics with ‘Lift-O-Matic’
The mechanical hydraulic system features the proven ‘Flexion Bar’ lower link draft sensing, providing excellent weight transfer and easily adjusted sensitivity. An implement can be raised and lowered to its previous setting using a single control and a mechanical lift height control limiter can be set, avoiding damage to PTO shafts.

Unique SuperSteer front axles
New Holland’s unique SuperSteer front axles with Auto 4WD management give an effective steering angle of 76°. This means the turn radius can be as low as 2,9m, providing outstanding manoeuvrability in vineyards and orchards. The axle moves as the steering lock increases, reducing front wheel scrubbing.

Optional front linkage and PTO
The advantages of front linkage and front PTO drive are finally beginning to be appreciated in South Africa. All T4000F models can be specified with an axle mounted Cat l/ll front linkage with quick attach couplings and a 1 000rpm PTO. Because it is integrated into the main hydraulic controls, the front linkage can be operated easily and precisely.
Remote exterior switches make the coupling of implements and attachments safe, fast and simple. Because it’s mounted on the SuperSteer axle, the front-mounted equipment turns into work sooner.
Another front-mounted implement, such as an extra tank for a sprayer, eliminates the need for front ballast weight when working with heavy rear-mounted equipment.

Advanced traction management
The tried and tested New Holland automatic 4WD system is now available on all T4000V/N/F models. 4WD is engaged when both brake pedals are depressed – front and rear differentials are engaged and released by a dash mounted switch.
On the T4000F and N models, the system engages drive to the front wheels if rear wheel slip exceeds 5% or on slopes of more than 10° in order to improve traction, provide stability and enhance safety.
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