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Special Economic Zones: well worth considering

The incentives offered by Special Economic Zones offer substantial benefits for companies and local communities.

The rise of conscious consumerism

There is probably no issue more complex in the world today than the questions surrounding the future of food production and provision.

Innovative solutions for the environment and food security

Through research and innovation in our food production, we can provide solutions to deliver enough food.

World cheese awards open for entries

The 29th World Cheese Awards has opened for entries. The award is organised by the Guild of Fine Food, and judging will take place in San Sebastian, Spain.

Mpumalanga Boran Sale

Highest-priced stud cow sold for R60 000.

Alpha & Omega Tuli Production Sale

Highest-priced bull sold for R140 000.
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Heuningkrans Merino Production Sale

Highest priced ram sold for R28 000.

New from Horsch

The German agricultural machinery manufacturer revealed a number of new models and improvements to existing equipment at Agritechnica recently.

Farmer’s Weekly Zambia Tour 2016

Back by popular demand! Farmer’s Weekly presents another tour to Zambia, the country said to be the ‘future bread basket of Africa’. The tour...

Oom Bok’s pocket knife legacy

For 70 years, Bok van Niekerk has been crafting knives of exceptional quality and character. Mike Burgess visited him recently in the southern Free State town of Zastron to discover why every pocket knife he creates differs from every other that passes through his creative hands.

Elliot Show Bull and Ram Sale

Highest Simbra bull sold for R38 000.