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Tented getaway for campers

I received a call from Johan, a resident of east Pretoria, who wants to construct a tented getaway that would attract tourists and campers.

Farming lessons from Poland

I have previously written about the serious threat posed to the future of agriculture because young people are no longer interested in following a career in farming.

Understanding Controlled Foreign Companies rules

This legislation is used to tax people in one country who have shares in a company in another country.

Fireproofing your thatched roof

Gill, Adele and Dick gave me a call to see the proposed development site on their 5 000ha game farm near Vryburg.

Lesotho and SA farmers face similar challenges

I was reminded recently that many of the challenges faced by our country’s farmers are, if not universal, at least shared by others in Southern Africa.

5 cottage designs to choose from

Dear Jonno I am situated in Aliwal North, and want to construct a one- bedroom cottage of 36m² (6m x 6m), similar to the one...

Wine-tasting cellar & pub with a view

A client, Peter, is keen to add public facilities to his lodge in the White Mountain area of the Central Drakensberg. His plan is...

Special Economic Zones: well worth considering

The incentives offered by Special Economic Zones offer substantial benefits for companies and local communities.

A stylish wedding venue in KZN

Dear Jonno I am looking to build a wedding facility in my hometown in KwaZulu-Natal. I would like the establishment to have a restaurant or...

Earth in overdraft

In 2016, Earth Overshoot Day, also known as Ecological Debt Day, fell on 8 August. This is the day of the year when human demand for natural resources surpasses what the Earth can annually replenish.

Haley, 3245

Lovely arty woman in her early 40s, but still feel 30, looking for a friend in the Hilton, KZN area. I’m independent, have dark...

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