Agriculture stories

Unintended consequences

SAA’s decision to ban the transportation of certain hunting trophies will have serious repercussions for South Africa’s hunting industry, especially now that Emirates is to follow suit.

Transformation? ‘We’re on it’

Upon returning from a visit to the Bosveld Sitrus group in Letsitele in Limpopo with the Agricultural Writers of South Africa, I was infused with optimism about the future of...

Can you afford to become a farmer?

Throughout the 104-year existence of Farmer’s Weekly, our readers have turned to us for advice on agricultural issues. Currently, the most frequently asked questions are: “Where can buy a farm?”...

Tools don’t make the farmer

I’ll never forget the first time I got on a tractor. I must have been about two years old at the time. I remember sitting on my grandfather’s lap as...

The power of hope

Sometimes I wish never to see another newspaper in my life. Reports of suffering, cruelty, corruption and ineptitude paint a picture of a country that has gone to the dogs....

The value of lobbying

I cannot believe that we have apparently learned nothing about how to handle xenophobic attacks since the 2008 uprisings.

Usurpers – old and new

I have never been a fan of Cecil John Rhodes. My opinion, shaped by history teachers, is most certainly biased.

Playing chicken with the US

Come September, 62 000 workers might have to do without a favourite protein source – chicken – when they lose their jobs due to SA being excluded from the duty-free...

Criminals are holding SA to ransom

Once again left in the dark, courtesy of cable thieves, I used my laptop’s remaining battery power to read up on the impact of crime on South Africa’s economy.

Bureaucrats hampering progress

The five-point plan to address South Africa’s energy crisis was announced in December, yet the MPs responsible for implementing it are still waiting for a proper briefing.

A disaster by any measure

For those in affected farming areas, the devastation caused by the current drought in South Africa’s summer production region has been a reality for months.

A man who believes in open dialogue

When Senzeni Zokwana was appointed minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in May last year, the media focused on just two things: he was a former president of the National...


Coronavirus lockdown hampers SA’s farming activities

South Africa’s national lockdown aimed at reducing the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) global pandemic is already taking its toll on farmers.
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