Managing for Profit

Managing for Profit

Become a gold medal manager

The career of an athlete may last 10 years. A business manager has to perform at optimum efficiency for 40 years or more. That takes some doing.

Grade your jobs

Job evaluation has to be done, but it all falls down if it’s not followed up with proper job grading.

Don’t wreck motivation!

Pay is the key ‘hygiene’ factor. Mess it up, and you destroy motivation – even with your own son.

Circles of succession

Understanding these three circles could save you from a family feud and having to sell the farm.
Had they done enough? Would the business be in good hands and would they be able to think about their retirement?
Managing employees and managing family are two very different jobs. Have you got the skills for both?
In a monopoly, one seller faces many buyers. In a monopsony, one buyer faces many sellers. Farmers have to deal with both – but there is a solution.

Image matters

Successful people recognise that projecting the right image is the first step towards opening doors and making others sit up and listen.
The social media wave provides an opportunity for agriculture to win hearts and minds.
Although the cellphone opens up a new world of communication, it’s a small part of the ‘e-options’ available these days.
There’s power in social media, yet many businesses consider social networking sites as ‘toys’ of little value.

Unlock the power

The lazy man’s budget is ‘last year plus’ and it’s pretty useless. Here’s how to do it right.


panel discussion

‘Growing the agri value chain through partnerships’

Partnership linkages are required throughout the agricultural value chain to ensure that the sector contributes to the growth of the economy.

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