Tax Advice

Years ago, tax benefits were good reasons to purchase life insurance. Is this still true?
A recent ruling opened the door for SARS to enforce amendments to the Income Tax Act retrospectively.
An expansion of this country’s industrial development zones might be an effective way of stimulating our struggling economy.
The Tax Ombudsman’s investigation highlights the dubious tactics used by SARS to delay refunding taxpayers.
The rule of law implies that every citizen is subject to the law, including the lawmakers themselves.
The consequences of not objecting to an incorrect SARS assessment timeously can be severe, even if the assessment is based on erroneous information.
A judicial review of administrative action can be launched only after all internal remedies have been exhausted.
Nothing in the relevant acts compels the revenue authorities to effect refund or rebate payments within a given time period.
A recent Tax Court ruling sheds light on capital gains tax, abandoned options, witness testimonies and understatement penalties.
South Africa’s taxpayers finance our welfare system, but as the list of recipients keeps on growing, is it sustainable?
This common law rule is applied where the interpretation of a particular tax statute is ambiguous.
The taxman has to wait his turn in the creditors’ queue after a liquidation.