Prestigious award for farmer from Alexandria


The Mangold Trophy for the most well conserved farm in the Bathurst region has been awarded to Tshilidze Matshidzula, a young dairy farmer in charge of the Little Barnet Trust near Alexandria.

Simon Matthews (chairperson of the Bathurst Conservation Committee) and Glyn Dixon (guest speaker and a former member of the Bathurst Conservation Committee) with the recipient of the Mangold Trophy, Tshilidzi Matshidzula, from the Barnet Business Trust in the Alexandria district of the Eastern Cape.
Photo: Mike Burgess

“It felt great to be awarded the trophy and to be honoured for our contribution to farming,” said Matshidzula.

Simon Matthews, chairperson of the Bathurst Conservation Committee (BCC) which awards the prize every year, said Matshidzula was a star farmer. “He is a very impressive guy and we salute him on this fine achievement.”

Matshidzula has previously been awarded the Most Improved Farm prize by the BCC and has been nominated for the Eastern Cape Young Farmer of the Year award.

Matshidzula will host a special farmer’s day on Little Barnet with assistance from the BCC; the proceeds will go to the Jas Clacey Bursary to support an agriculture student.

“I farm with dairy and have a herd of 800 cattle, of which 620 are cows and 500 are in milking,” said Matshidzula.

Matshidzula advised young farmers to “just believe in yourself, trust in God and always be humble.”