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Farming Basics

Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest updates on farming basics in the agricultural industry.


Choosing the right filtration method for your irrigation system

When it comes to protecting your irrigation system, few things are more important than effective filtration. The correct choice of filtration method to protect your system against blockages is not a mere financial decision, numerous other factors must be kept in mind.

Safeguarding livestock from a potentially toxic plant

Dr Asive Luningo from the Department of Paraclinical Science at the University of Pretoria discusses the wild sunflower’s impact on livestock.

Tips for preparing livestock to be sold at a good price

Good but not excessive fat covering is generally the most important factor to consider as a farmer involved in the production of slaughter livestock, as heavier animals return more money, says Shane Brody.
owl house

Cut insect damage by installing bat and owl boxes

Bats and owls have a significant contribution to make to controlling pests on farms. Provide them with adequate housing, and these insect and rodent eaters will offer a cost-effective, consistent pest-control service. Lindi Botha looks at best practices for building and erecting owl and bat boxes.
livestock facility on a farm

Do you have environmental authorisation to farm?

Farming’s impact on the environment is not usually front of mind when buying a piece of land, but without securing environmental authorisation, farmers could find themselves in a world of trouble. Lindi Botha speaks to Ngwanarachuene Mampane, director of Westleigh Environmental Services, about remaining on the right side of the law, how to apply for authorisation and the time frame involved.

The right insurance cover helps you take control

Insurability within the grain storage sector is essential but can be complicated, the delegates at Agbiz Grain’s recent Grain and Oilseeds Value Chain Symposium told Magda du Toit.

The power of branding: from fields to shelves

Marketing and branding is critical to help make your product stand out, reports Cobus du Plessis.

Farm dog care: Achieving a healthier ‘pack structure’

Jarred Hodgson, a dog trainer, offers some good advice on how farmers can keep their best friends’ tails wagging while helping them to retain their position in the pack.

The importance of a business plan

A business plan is critical if you need investors or financing. In this article, Janine Ryan looks at the basics of developing a sound and attractive business plan for your farming operation.

Understanding livestock medicine guidelines

Knowing the efficacy, classification, dosage rates, active ingredients and withdrawal periods will help to better protect your valuable livestock, says Shane Brody.

A more holistic way of farming

In this article, Zunel van Eeden, a master’s student at North-West University, explains why integrated pest management provides short as well as long-term, sustainable benefits.

Summer is parasite time

Dangerous parasites as well as ticks, which can cause potentially fatal livestock diseases such as redwater and heartwater, thrive in rain and high temperatures, says Shane Brody.