Farmer’s Weekly will be hosting a series of monthly webinars on national and regional issues affecting the agriculture sector. Our range of guest panellists will offer expert and incisive views that are sure to spark vigorous discussion.

TIME: 10h00 – 12h00



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WEBINAR: Strategies for sustainable & profitable cattle farming

Industry experts shared their expertise, best practices, and practical tips to help farmers optimise their operations, enhance sustainability, and increase profitability.


WEBINAR: The importance of skills development in primary agriculture

Farmer’s Weekly hosted an informative webinar focussing on the significance of skills development in primary agriculture. For those who were unable to attend the live session or wish to revisit the discussions, you can watch the recording now.


WEBINAR: Chicken or egg? The best way to start a poultry operation

Farmer’s Weekly hosted an engaging webinar focusing on the best way to start a poultry operation. Experts from the egg and broiler industry shared practical tips on establishing a successful poultry venture from the ground up.


WEBINAR – The do’s and don’ts of pig farming and pork production

Attention all pig farmers and pork producers – whether you’re established or wannabe! Watch this webinar on the ‘The do’s and don’ts of pig farming and pork production in South Africa’.

Webinar – Cannabis farming: choosing the right technology

This webinar provided a comprehensive overview of the South African cannabis market and technology trends in undercover farming, hydroponics, and UV lighting. The panel of experts discussed the legal landscape of cannabis production in South Africa, production processes and challenges, and outputs and selling strategies in the market.

Webinar: Is renewable energy really a solution to the electricity crisis?

Watch the recording were panellists unpack the impact and application of alternative energy solutions on the agriculture sector.
FairPlay and Farmer’s Weekly hosted an informative discussion about the outlook for the South African poultry industry.
Are you looking for a place to set up and expand your business? THINK BOTSWANA!
The Botswana Investment Trade Centre (BITC), and the Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food Security of the Republic of Botswana hosted a webinar focussing on investment opportunities in the dairy sector in Botswana.
With the prevailing challenges in traditional electricity generation and supply in SA, how can green energy in agriculture play a role in resolving this?

Webinar: The Water-Food-Energy Nexus

A panel of experts discuss the WEF nexus approach, addressing some of the most pressing issues confronting our country today.