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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest updates news and tips on how to turn your farming business into a success.

A guide to the loan application process

Whether you an emerging farmer or looking to expand your current farm, finance is the one thing that could stand in between you and your farming success.

Upskilling helps people and boosts profits

Improving workers’ skills is essential to increasing production efficiency and improving staff morale, and lies entirely with the farmer, who is ultimately the custodian of food production. Indeed, fulfilling this role responsibly requires ensuring that farmworkers undergo ongoing training, says Janine Ryan.

Have you considered these farming risks?

Farmers face the most serious risks experienced in the total value chain of food production. In this first part of a new series, PJ Mommsen, a freelance strategist, looks at the less common of these risks.

How technology is making monitoring animal health easier

A large part of farming is keeping track of the condition and health of animals. Janine Ryan reports on the current apps available to make this process easier and more efficient for farmers.

How to recognise stress – and manage it

Stress can have a serious effect on your health, which is why it’s so important to address the problem sooner rather than later. Fortunately, there are well-established strategies for this, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

The importance of good business and operations plans

Without efficient planning, you won’t know when to expect your first income. A good business plan is a prerequisite for success. It’s also essential for obtaining funding, says Shane Brody.

Why some family members avoid succession planning

To understand why the members of a family business might be reluctant to initiate succession planning, it’s important to consider the family’s life stage at the time of succession, writes Trevor Dickinson.

Farm attacks: Security expert outlines a proactive plan

Laurence Palmer, an independent security consultant, outlines practical steps that South African farmers and farmworkers can take to avoid becoming victims of farm attacks, and to protect themselves if attacked.

Irrigation technology is making production cheaper

Recent advances in irrigation technology are making it easier for farmers to produce more food, while remaining environmentally friendly.

Hydroponics or aquaponics: Which is right for you?

While similar in theory, hydroponic and aquaponic systems differ significantly in terms of capital outlay, input costs and method of operation. Janine Ryan provides an overview of the differences between these systems to help aspiring growers choose the right one in terms of their production goals.

Why managers, owners and clients won’t discuss succession

These three groups of people often struggle, for different reasons, to come to terms with succession planning. Their reluctance, writes Trevor Dickinson, may reinforce the founder’s reluctance to take the process seriously.

Using drones to boost farm security

Modern drones have come a long way from their clunky forebears; they’re also more affordable. One key use for them is as ‘eyes in the sky’ to help maintain security, and this makes them ideal for farmers. Security consultant Laurence Palmer gives a brief history of the drone and explains what it takes to operate one.