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How to Crop

Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest updates news and tips on how to turn your crop farming into a success.

The value of pollinators for seed production

In a study to provide a global estimate of the importance of pollinators for plants in natural ecosystems, researchers from Stellenbosch University, led by Dr James Rodger, a postdoctoral fellow in mathematical sciences, found that, without pollinators, one-third of flowering plant species wouldn’t produce seeds at all.

Papaya diseases and viruses

Diseases and viruses of papayas include damping off, powdery mildew, black spot and root rot. All can be treated or prevented.

Water-wise plants for your garden

Many South African gardens contain exotic species that originate from regions with far higher rainfall than occurs here. As a result, gardeners have to water them frequently. The answer? Beautiful indigenous plants.

The value of informal record-keeping

If you record your production and general farming notes in a diary, you’ll have ready access to a wealth of information in a few years, says Bill Kerr.

Using common sense to be successful

It takes time and effort to know how to control pests and fertilise crops. There is no simple one-size-fits-all solution, says Bill Kerr.

Management of important grain diseases

Plant pathology scientists Dr Gert van Coller and Dr Bradley Flett spoke to Pieter Dempsey about some diseases that pose significant threats to South Africa’s maize and wheat production, and how to control them.

The influence of weather on lucerne hay quality

There is still limited research available on the effects of weather on lucerne production in South Africa, This article, written by lucerne specialist Dr Gerrie Scholtz, agricultural economist Walter van Niekerk, and others, was published by the National Lucerne Trust and offers some insight on the matter, based on recent observations.

Getting to know earthworms

More than 2 000 species of earthworm have been identified worldwide and there are 300 known species in South Africa.

Beware of these avocado diseases

Phytophthora root rot, stem canker, anthracnose and Cercospora spot are the diseases most likely to attack avocado trees in South Africa.

Growing cucumbers

Cucumbers make an excellent and refreshing addition to salads, especially during summer months. So why not grow your own?

Soil management basics

Erosion is a symptom of poor soil management and a cue to assess and modify your grazing practices.

The building blocks of irrigation scheduling

Having a top-quality irrigation system is all very well, but without accurate irrigation scheduling you will never achieve optimal results, says irrigation expert and agronomist Robbie Childs.

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