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How to Livestock

Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest updates news and tips on how to turn your livestock farming into a success.

Practical guidelines to prevent stock theft

Laurence Palmer, a security consultant, lists some practical advice that farmers can follow to prevent stock theft.

Blind teats and other udder defects in goat ewes

Before purchasing livestock for breeding, it's crucial to identify and understand troublesome or disqualifying traits, such as blind teats and other udder defects. This knowledge will also help you determine which female offspring to retain for future breeding purposes.

Are there solutions to antibiotic resistance?

Antibiotic resistance in livestock, fuelled by overuse, is a critical issue. Enhancing gut health with microbial diversity and MRFs offers a promising alternative to combat this growing threat. Alretha Naudé, Free State regional sales manager for Alltech, discusses how farmers can mitigate the use of antibiotics in cattle.

Choose the right dog breed for security, versatility and compatibility

Jarred Hodgson gives farmers advice on choosing the dog breed best suited to them, their families and operations. Although only four specific breeds are highlighted here, other breeds can also be considered.

Understanding the age of common livestock species

Looking at teeth in common livestock species such as sheep, goats and cattle in order to judge their age can be quite tricky for the novice farmer, says Shane Brody.

Advice on caring for newborn lambs and goat kids

It may be a relatively simple task to successfully get rams to mate and for females to give birth, but the first couple of weeks of the life of a lamb or kid is a crucial period in livestock farming, writes Shane Brody.

Why getting your dog trained is important in South Africa

Having a well-trained dog in South Africa is becoming more and more important for a variety of reasons. Jarred Hodgson explores some of these reasons here.

The Gagelas’ unique livestock operation

In 2009, the Gagela family expanded their livestock initiative from the communal areas of the Eastern Cape to include a commercial farm near Dordrecht. Mike Burgess reports on the family’s unique agricultural journey, driven by the late George Gagela.

Beware of a growing foot rot threat

Foot rot in livestock is presently manifesting in many regions of South Africa that are experiencing ongoing heavy rains or humid weather conditions.

The dangers of using livestock medicines incorrectly

As farmers we need to make ourselves conversant with the proper use of medications and other aids such as dips that counteract ectoparasites and doses that control internal parasites.

Genetic and other factors to consider when breeding pigs

This guide unlocks the secrets to successful pig farming. Learn how to feed your pigs for optimal growth, avoid costly mistakes, and choose the right genetics to build a thriving farm.

Understand the veld: three stages to optimal grazing management

The types of grasses or shrubs that grow on any particular piece of veld will give you an idea of what phase of plant succession that veld is in. This will guide you on how to manage it.