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How to Livestock

Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest updates news and tips on how to turn your livestock farming into a success.

Tips to take care of your farm dog

Arslan Hassan looks at how farmers can provide their farm dogs with the basic necessities, as well as some added extras that will help you raise and keep a happy and healthy canine.

Insights and bidding tips from top auctioneers

In this article, we speak to auctioneers about the importance of auctions for the livestock and property markets. The experts also provide some bidding tips for those who are new to the game.

Auction catalogue as a guideline for selection

Frans Jordaan, Prof Michiel Scholtz and Dr Ben Greyling from Agricultural Research Council-Animal Production and Martin Ras from the Afric Afrikaners Stud compiled these useful recommendations to assist cattle breeders in making the most of the information contained in the catalogue when they attend auctions.

Eco-friendly predator management

Safe lambs are only a stone’s throw away, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout, recommending a stone barrier to keep predators away from flocks.

Diagnosis and treatment of the main livestock diseases

While there are numerous illnesses that can affect livestock and animals such as chickens and pigs, in this article, Shane Brody concentrates on sheep, cattle and goats.

Dealing with seed problems in Angoras

There is no quick or cheap way to remove seed from mohair, but good management helps, according to Pierre van der Vyver, general manager of The House of Fibre. He outlined his tips to Roelof Bezuidenhout.

The long and the short of tail docking

There is good evidence that a tail docked at the third or fourth joint is better than a very short tail. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.

Get to know your livestock’s nutritional requirements

If you understand the essential nutrients that your cattle need, and how to provide these, you will end up with a profitable livestock business, says Shane Brody. Here’s how to ensure that the animals get enough to thrive.

Strategies for limiting livestock losses to predators

PJ Mommsen, a freelance risk mitigation strategist, speaks about the importance of managing risk as it relates to predators.

Veld fires: experts advise on treating livestock to mitigate loss

Dr Claudia Cardoso, lecturer in Ruminant Health and Production, and Dr Rhoda Leask, senior lecturer in Ruminant Health and Production, both of the Department of Production Animal Studies in the University of Pretoria’s Faculty of Veterinary Science, offer some advice on treating livestock affected by veld fires.

A step-by-step guide to the process of artificial insemination

There are many benefits to using artificial insemination of a commercial or stud herd or flock, but the process is complicated and requires knowledge and practice.

Livestock adaptability: what it is, and why it matters to a buyer

It’s always best to buy sheep, goats or cattle that come from a similar environment to that of your own farm. If they are used to very different conditions, they could struggle and may even die, says Shane Brody.