Advertising Terms & Conditions



  1. Advertisements are only accepted for publication under the following conditions:
    a) The right to withhold any advertisement from publication and to cancel such an advertising order; b) No liability is accepted for failure to publish, or for publication dates other than those stipulated by the advertiser, or for any typographical or any other errors of any kind, including loss or damage as a consequence of any of the above; c) Omissions of any scheduled insertions by the advertiser shall be considered a breach of the conditions of the order; d) Telephonic instructions must always be confirmed in writing.
  2. Although all efforts will be made to accommodate the advertiser, acceptance of any advertisement does not guarantee insertion on any specified date or dates.
  3. The proprietors reserve the right to edit or revise or reject any advertisement deemed by them to be untruthful or objectionable in subject matter or wording, or unsuitable for any reason, even after acceptance for publication.
  4. The proprietors reserve the right to suspend an issue on any day and increase or decrease the usual number of editions without notice.
  5. Space is sold to advertisers for the purpose of making announcements concerning their own business and may not be used for attacking or making invidious comparisons with other advertisers, firms, institutions or persons.
  6. All approved accounts must be paid within 30 days after the date of insertion, or payment must be made in cash with the advertising order.
  7. Advertising orders are accepted subject to editorial space being given.
  8. T.C. (till cancelled) orders are guaranteed. Special positions require one month’s notice.
  9. Orders are accepted for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of the first insertion, and should the contract amount not be reached within that period, an adjustment of the rate, according to the volume of advertising published, will be made. This also applies when the contract is cancelled prior to completion.
  10. If any order of a given amount of advertising is increased during its terms to cover a large contract volume, all of which falls in the original period of 12 months, no reduction in rates shall be rebated for the advertising that has already appeared. The lower rate shall apply to advertising appearing after the date of increase.
  11. On the announcement of new tariff rates, contract advertisers will be protected at their contract rates for 45 days after the effective date of the new rate, or until expiry of the contract, whichever is earlier. The balance of the order will be subject to the new rate.
  12. Acceptance of copy:

a) If the material is received too late for publication, the space reserved may be charged for.

b) The right is reserved to refuse material or copy considered objectionable or unsuitable

13) If proofs are required, copy must be in the printer’s hands at least three working days before publication deadline.

14) No cancellations will be accepted after the booking deadline.


  1. In addition to the quoted circulation figure, an extra two percent (2%) of the inserts are required to allow for spoilage during the inserting process.
  2. The rate quoted is per thousand (1 000) inserts, based on full print runs.
  3. The rate excludes agency commission, VAT and any contractual discounts.
  4. An additional 25% premium is to be charged for regional inserts (i.e. partial runs).
  5. Inserts are accepted upon confirmation of booking and are subject to the availability of space.
  6. The final quote is confirmed once the product to be inserted into the magazine has been viewed.
  7. Samples of inserts must be provided at least a week before the booking deadline to ensure that they can be inserted or bound as supplied. Without a sample for approval, the publishers cannot be held responsible for any problems arising with the insert.
  8. The insert is to be positioned at the discretion of Caxton Local Media.
  9. Inserts are to be delivered to the appropriate print factory. Delivery requirements need to be checked with a Caxton representative.
  10. Delivery deadlines for inserts are stipulated on the respective magazine deadline schedules.
  11. Inserts must be packed in a firm container or packaging, and the container or packaging must clearly indicate the quantity of inserts, the name of the relevant publication and cover date of the publication in which the inserts will be positioned.
  12. Any overtime worked at our factories due to the late delivery of inserts will be charged to the advertiser’s account.
  13. Any cancellations of a booked insert after the advertising deadline has expired will carry a 25% cancellation fee of the total price quoted.
  14. Any non-standard prices are valid for 45 days. If a booking takes place after this, a new quotation will be generated.
  15. Inserts have to be delivered by the specified deadline to: CTP Printers, Cnr. Electron Ave & Industry Road, Isando, 1609. Att: Theresia Mohlala, 011 230 7030. All boxes have to be clearly marked Farmer’s Weekly and include the issue date and quantity supplied.


  1. All prices exclude VAT.
  2. Only recognised abbreviations will be accepted.
  3. Advertisements will be categorised according to the first product/service mentioned in the copy.
  4. Farmer’s Weekly accepts no responsibility for quality of goods or services, or for any loss or damage incurred due to incorrect advertisements. It will, however, reprint advertisements free of charge if it is deemed responsible for incorrect copy.
  5. Farmer’s Weekly reserves the right to refuse the placement of an advertisement.
  6. Errors and omissions must be reported within the first week of insertion; a reference number must be quoted in all correspondence.
  7. Credit applications will be authorised at the discretion of Farmer’s Weekly, and accounts are strictly 30 days.
  8. Non-account holders are required to pay cash up front. Credit will not be given for typographical errors that do not lessen the effectiveness of the advert.
  9. Response to the advert is not guaranteed.
  10. Advertising agencies do not qualify for any discounts for Classifieds Advertising