CPI increases marginally in February

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for February was 5,9%, up 0,1% on the January figure of 5,8%. This was in line with expectation.

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On average, prices increased by 1,1% between January and February this year, according to Statistics South Africa. The food and non-alcoholic beverages index increased by 0,5% between January and February, while the annual rate increased from 4,3% to 5,4% during the same period.

The price of bread and cereals increased by 1,8%; fish was 1,3% more expensive; oils and fats gained 1,2%; milk, eggs and cheese were 0,9% higher; hot beverages increased 0,4%; and sugar, sweets and desserts were up 0,2%. The price of fruit and cold beverages decreased by 0,7%; other food dropped 0,6%; vegetables were 0,4% cheaper; and meat decreased by 0,1%.

The transport index increased by 1,5% from January to February, mainly due to a 39c/litre increase in the price of petrol. The annual rate increased to 8% in February from 7,8% in January. Provinces with annual inflation rates lower than or equal to headline inflation were Free State at 5,9%; Northern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal at 5,8%; Western Cape at 5,7%; and North West and Mpumalanga at 5,3%. Limpopo (6,7%), Gauteng (6%) and Eastern Cape (6%) had annual inflation rates higher than headline inflation.

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