DAFF warns service providers against fraud

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) has issued a public warning against fraudsters who use fake DAFF orders.

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“Unfortunately, many suppliers/service providers have fallen victim to these scams and consequently suffered major financial losses,” said DAFF.

The authenticity of the order must be verified with DAFF by sending the order to [email protected].

“Verify the order’s website domain. The department’s domain will always be [email protected]. The fraudsters normally use e-mail domains such as [email protected],” said the release.

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Service providers were also advise to only deliver goods to clearly marked DAFF offices and ensure that a departmental security officer is present when the goods are delivered.

The SAPS should be contacted in case of any suspected fraud and DAFF contacted at 012 319 6859 for any queries.