Agri SA and WeChat Africa team up to support farmers in drought

WeChat and Agri SA have partnered to create a mobile donation channel to help people in drought-stricken areas.

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It will help farmers, farm workers and the communities as the country battles food, fodder and water shortages.

“WeChat has made the process of donating very simple, and we are fully behind the idea of technology being used to reach as many South Africans as possible,” said Omri van Zyl, CEO of Agri SA.

Users who make a donation will receive a once-off rebate.

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For the first donation, WeChat will refund the money back into your mobile wallet, to a maximum of R50.

The application can be used by anyone with access to an Android and iOS phone.

To donate, a user simply has to download the app.

Once installed, click on the "+" button, tap "Scan QR code", and hover over the code below. Simply follow the prompts to donate.

The app gives users the option of donating a second time by donating the rebate back into the fund.