Demand for beef expected to grow

The demand for meat products has grown rapidly during the past decade. The Bureau for Food and Agriculture Policy’s (BFAP) Coordinator: Industry Level Analysis Tracy Davids said this was due to growth in income and improved living standards.

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Beef accounted for 25% of SA meat consumption while chicken accounted for 60%.

Growth in beef consumption per capita was largely stagnant through the past decade. BFAP nevertheless projected an annual growth of 2,1%/annum in per capita beef consumption through the next decade, as consumer income increased to levels where red meat became more affordable to more people.

Davids expected beef imports to account for between 6% and 7% of domestic use through the next decade, compared to an average of 8% in the past decade.

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“Drought conditions in South Africa and neighbouring countries like Namibia resulted in lower prices in 2013 (average R29/kg for A2/A3 carcass), as the number of cattle slaughtered increased by more than 200 000 head, compared to 2012. In April 2014, prices have reached the R33/kg mark projected by BFAP in the 2013 baseline,” she said.