Farmers asked to set up ‘vulture restaurants’

A food shortage among vultures has led to a call for help to farmers to set up “vulture restaurants”.

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According to a statement by the Griffon Poison Information Centre, a farmer from the Eastern Cape reported that a large flock of vultures had attacked his sheep.

The information centre said such attacks are out of the ordinary, as vultures are scavengers. The incident was most likely a result of the competition that is currently taking place between adult vultures and young vultures for food.

To help counter the problem, farmers are urged to temporarily set up vulture feeding sites. These should be at least 30m to 50m away from human activity and not closer than 2km from any power lines to avoid electrocution.

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The centre also advised that farmers should continue feeding until the end of February when young vultures normally disperse from their natural areas.

For more information contact the Predation Management Forum.