IGA holds bi-annual growers’ symposium

The Intensive Growers’ Association, a forum for primarily KwaZulu-Natal’s producers of intensively farmed fresh produce, recently hosted its Autumn-Winter 2016 Bi-Annual Growers’ Symposium.

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Held at Cedara Agricultural Research Centre, the theme was ‘Quality Water’. Various presenters and exhibitors highlighted different aspects related to water harvesting, storage, purification, quality, and efficient and effective utilisation. The theme was particularly pertinent given the extensive drought and water quality issues currently affecting South Africa.

Presenters at the symposium were (from left): David Hudson, an independent consultant on bioagronomy; Dr Anthony Turton, University of the Free State’s Centre for Environmental Management; Nellie Dlamini, Gromor; Lawrence Sisitka, Amanzi for Food Project; Venessa Moodley, OmniBio; Schalk van der Merwe, Adama South Africa; and David Gates, Intensive Growers’ Association. (Photo by Lloyd Phillips)