Isolated outbreaks of army worm reported

Outbreaks of army worm have been reported in the Mokopane area in Limpopo and Rayton in eastern Gauteng.

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The Limpopo Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (Limpro) has made the following information available:

  • Farmers can spray with 6g a.i./ha decis (250ml of 2.5EC Decis/100 litres water per ha) or 30g a.i./ha cypermethrin (150ml of 20 EC formulation/100 litre water). Spray when the worms are visible and moving in the morning. Avoid spraying at midday.
  • Dig a deep trench blocking the direction of the worms’ movement. The worms should fall in the trench, which can then be filled in again.
  • Ensure that your animals aren’t grazing on kikuyu grass if you notice army worm on it. The grass releases a poison against the army worm, which can make livestock ill or even kill them.

Limpro chairperson Dr Henk Visser has requested that all outbreaks of army worm be reported to Wilma Prinsloo at 015 293 9804, or [email protected].

Find more information on army worm at

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