Limpopo residents warned about rabies

The department of health has issued a warning to residents of Limpopo to seek help if bitten or scratched by a suspected rabid animal.

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According to, a person died from rabies in Limpopo last week, bringing the total number of rabies-related deaths to four in 10 months.

Adele van der Linde, provincial health spokesperson, stressed that the main challenge is ignorance.

“People are bitten or scratched by their own animals but don’t see the need to go to a health facility for treatment. Infected people can survive if they are treated in time.”

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Van der Linde advises the following:

  • Dogs and cats should be vaccinated at three months of age, with a booster at nine months, and then every three years afterwards. In high risk areas, annual revaccination is recommended.
  • Stray animals or animals that are behaving strangely or that appear sick must be avoided.

The disease is spread from animal to animal, and occasionally from animals to humans. The department of agriculture is currently vaccinating pets free of charge in communities across the province.