Mediation agreement in hate speech case welcomed

The agricultural union, TAU SA expressed its satisfaction with the settlement agreement reached between the ANC, ex ANC youth leader Julius Malema, AfriForum and itself, over the struggle song containing the words “shoot the Boer”.

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The matter was to be heard in the Supreme Court of Appeal on Thursday 1 November 2012. TAU SA said in a press statement it “appreciated that ANC had indicated that it is crucial to mutually recognise and respect the rights of all communities to celebrate and protect their cultural heritage and freedom, and that certain words in certain struggle songs may be experienced as hurtful by members of minority communities, and may no longer be applicable in South Africa today.”

TAU SA emphasised that there is wide recognition amongst farmers and Afrikaners in South Africa that violent crime, including farm attacks and murders, remain a huge problem, and that such crimes were committed against the background of several uncertainties. The union undertook to engage the ANC in further discussions at the highest level on the issue of violent crimes, farm attacks and farm murders. The full mediation agreement can be downloaded from