‘Never waste a crisis’ – Ramaphosa tells NEDLAC summit

Slow economic growth and the difficulties facing South Africa as a result of energy supply constraints should not only be seen as challenges.

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These trying times also offered an opportunity for South Africa to reflect on what the cause was of this situation. This was according to deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa at the NEDLAC summit held in Pretoria recently.

Commenting on the summit, Agbiz CEO John Purchase, said that what stood out for him was that Ramaphosa gave his undivided attention to the day and the issues discussed.

Purchase said Ramaphosa challenged NEDLAC partners to address the ANC 9-point plan to revitalise the economy and industries like agriculture, saying that electricity was not the only major crisis facing South Africa that needed to be addressed.

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According to Purchase, Ramaphosa said at the Nedlac summit that a crisis should never be wasted because it offered the opportunity to re-evaluate where you are and why you are there.

“A lot of the work happens after the NEDLAC summit where role players convene in the trade and industry chamber,” said Purchase.

“I don’t expect miracles, but I liked the frankness in terms of acknowledging that there’s a lot of work to be done, and that we need to debate issues more robustly.”

Purchase said that comments from government that maintain SA’s food costs are too high must be evidence based.

“The Economist Intelligence Unit cost of living report proves them wrong. [Yet] this statement is being used to justify why government wants to transform agriculture and statements like these must be backed up by data.”