South Africa

Small-scale farmer unions make their mark

Smallholder farming’s contribution to agriculture has been recognised at the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU).

WC Farmers not happy with predation management protocol

Western Cape livestock farmers and provincial authorities are getting closer to finalising an agreement on the management of damage causing animals, particularly black-backed jackal, caracal and bushpig.

Investors cautions, but still interested

Foreign direct investment in local agriculture and agro-processing has come under pressure lately due to political uncertainty.

‘Don’t dehorn, educate the people’

Should a decision be taken to dehorn rhinos it would send a negative message to the rest of the world that South Africa is losing the battle against poaching, Dr...

Food prices bite poor the hardest

Annual food price inflation stood at 8,7% between April 2011 and April 2012, while headline inflation increased by 6,1% over the same period.

Agriculture job creation questioned

The most recent quarterly labour force survey conducted by Stats SA shows that employment in agriculture increased by 8,8% over the past year.

Concern about land use bill

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform will most likely miss the submission deadline for the long-anticipated Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Bill. Denene Erasmus reports.

Land expropriation unlikely – analyst

The FW de Klerk Foundation says the Green Paper on Land Reform is ‘racial mobilisation against white farmers’. Political analyst Prof Steven Friedman disagrees. Lindi van Rooyen reports.

ANC’s land reform policy ‘socialist’

Capitalism in South Africa is under attack by a ruling party that is moving towards socialism and away from private property ownership.

North West farmers suspicious of R155 million projects

The announcement by North West’s MEC for agriculture and rural development, Desbo Mohono, that she budgeted R155 million for the implementation of a number of agricultural projects in the 2012/2013...

Government curbs growth in poultry industry

Government needs to implement a blanket duty on all chicken imports for the local industry to survive the onslaught of chicken dumping.

A fracking change of heart

Right up until three months ago, Prof Gerrit van Tonder was convinced that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to explore for shale gas would not contaminate the groundwater of the Karoo.


Taking rooftop farming to the next level in Paris

Taking rooftop farming to the next level in Paris

Paris’ flagship farming project is nearing completion, with the city preparing to become home to one of the world’s largest urban agricultural operations.

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